Riot reveals Shyvana “strong contender” for VGU after losing League Season 12 fan vote

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For multiple years in a row, Shyvana has landed in second place in voting for the LoL champion visual game update. Riot Games recognized the need for an update to the Half-Dragon’s visuals and said she’s a “strong contender” for an update in the future.

Riot Games announced that the winner of the player vote for next VGU update is Skarner, who won in a landslide victory.

While he was desperately in need of an update, fellow jungler Shyvana has been in the running for an update for a long time and seems to always fall just short of winning the fan vote.

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Riot took a moment to acknowledge the need for an update and said she’s being kept in mind for the future.

Riot Games
Shyvana was released back in 2011.

Shyvana “strong contender” for next League VGU

Riot’s Lead Producer of Champions Reav3 called Shyvana “forever-a-bridesmaid” when it comes to being chosen by fans and Riot themselves.

Reav3 acknowledged Shyvana fan’s disappointment in losing the vote. “We know a lot of you are disappointed that our favorite half-dragon lady keeps getting so close to winning without ever taking the crown,” he said.

“As you know we don’t do votes for every VGU, like with Mundo,” he continued. “So while we can’t promise that Shyvana will be the next big VGU we do, she is a pretty strong contender for the next one we explore outside of a VGU vote.”

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While this could be exciting for Shyvana players to hear, they’ve been teased with visual updates before. In October 2020, Riot Design director Andrei ‘Meddler’ van Roon said: ““I think Shyvana does need a VGU. Only question for me is how to prioritize her versus other highly in need champs like Udyr for example.”

Ruined Shyvana in League of LegendsRiot Games
Shyvana players continue to ask Riot for the Half-Dragon to receive a visual update.

Since then, Udyr has been chosen for rework, as well as Dr. Mundo who got a rework in 2021 and actually got less votes than her in the 2019 VGU poll.

Shyvana players hope this time Riot are serious about her getting a long-needed VGU.