Riot reveals plans to revert ARAM tower rubble after LoL player backlash

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A Rioter has revealed on Twitter that they will be reverting ARAM tower rubble after receiving backlash from the League of Legends player base.

Rioter Maxw3ll has confirmed that Riot is looking to completely remove tower rubble from the League of Legends game mode ARAM. In a recent reply to a tweet by caster Azael, Maxw3ll revealed that the changes will be removed in Patch 13.5/6, furthermore expressing that the rubble itself was an experiment hosted throughout the early ARAM preseason. However, they’ve admitted they believe the mechanic did more harm than good, and as such are removing it.

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Tower Rubble was originally introduced in early 2023 and was supposed to “create more interesting situations on the map that break away from the usual straight line of ARAM”. Towers would crumble after being destroyed, either falling to the left or right side of the map. The rubble would completely block off the area and create fog of war on either side.

Players however were not too fond of the idea, as it created too heavy of a choke point on the map. This bottlenecked the capability for teams to teamfight, which was one of the iconic parts of the mode. A proportion of the player base advised Riot to reduce the space that Tower Rubble took up. Resulting in a far less oppressive effect than it is in the live mode. However, Riot is looking to do the opposite and will be removing the feature in its entirety come Patch 13.5 or 13.6.

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Riot plans on removing Tower Rubble in Patch 13.5 or 13.6

Tower Rubble will make its departure on March 8th or 22nd in accordance with Riot’s Patch Schedule, meaning that ARAM players will no longer need to deal with the choke points created.

Many League of Legends players are pleased with the changes Riot are making, and have expressed their satisfaction with the removal of the feature. A large part of their thanks was due to the minion pathing on the map becoming buggy and jank when Tower Rubble would fall, creating problematic gameplay.

It appears that Riot is content with the other changes they’ve made to ARAM, including the balancing changes and frostgates, which will not see any changes.

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