Riot reveal more preseason changes to League of Legends item shop

Riot Games

Riot Games has revealed more details on the new League of Legends item shop, after it was announced that they would be reworking the entire item system for the 2021 preseason.

Following complaints around different items and clutter in the item shop, Riot announced that they would be setting their sights on a massive item system overhaul, which includes changes to the shop, ahead of Season 11.

The League of Legends devs have already hinted at some of the major changes coming in the preseason, such as the new Mythic Items, but have now shared a full look at what the new item shop and item icons will look like.

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old league of legends item shopRiot Games
The old League of Legends item shop will be reworked ahead of Season 11.

Item shop changes for 2021 preseason

Riot released a blog post on September 18, revealing more plans such as the major changes to player’s recommended page, which will soon be based on “high level player data” to take the guesswork out of item building for inexperienced players.

It was also explained that the new Mythic-tier items, that have been teased in recent updates, will be the first full item that players should be purchasing and that they will need to decide what to choose early, based on the playstyle needed for that match.

“The shop loads up all the items your champion could build based on what you currently own,” the Riot dev team shared, “It displays this info to you but you decide the best strategy in this particular game.”

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new league of legends item shopRiot Games
Players will be able to sort the League of Legends shop by popular items and item rarity.

There will also be some new features coming to the ‘All Items’ page, such as filters for the most popular items bought in your champion’s class and the ability to separate them by rarity as well.

However, for those who like to do things their own way, Riot will also be bringing back custom Item Set Pages for you to customize your layout and quickly find your favorite items.

Item Icon changes in League of Legends

In their latest preseason changes post, the Riot devs also shared a better look at the icons we can expect to see changed in Season 11.

As some of the item icons have been in the game for over 10 years, it was announced that they would be making visual changes to give LoL players more clarity, while still keeping the items recognizable.

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nashors tooth in league of legendsRiot Games
Some of the item icons will be replaced in the 2021 preseason.

They claimed that the majority of the icons would not look too different in-game, however, they later admitted that some items that will probably require a “complete retheme.”

As of writing, many of these changes are expected to arrive in early November but Riot has revealed they hope to test them first on the PBE servers in “less than two weeks.”