Riot responds after LoL Worlds 2020 drops bug leaves players empty-handed

Andrew Amos
League of Legends Worlds 2020 drops
Riot Games

League of Legends players were left empty-handed during Worlds 2020 after the drops system glitched numerous times, not rewarding them for key moments. Riot has apologized for the glitch, and are looking at making it up to players.

Players watched the League of Legends 2020 World Championship, not just in anticipation of the top-quality gameplay, but also the drops rewards.

Skins and other in-game ⁠— and out-of-game ⁠— goodies were on offer if players tuned in. It was even more incentive to even just chuck Worlds on in the background if you didn’t want to tune in entirely.

LEC drops rewards for League of Legends
Riot Games
Drops were first introduced in League of Legends for the LEC and LCS earlier in 2020.

However, the drops system has been labeled as a failure by players. It comes after numerous threads have gained traction across social media, claiming drops were “by far the most disappointing thing” of Worlds 2020.

Some players noted they watched the majority of games, but didn’t receive a single drop. Others said the rewards were worthless, spanning from free Spotify playlists to some summoner icons.

The biggest grievance players had was not receiving a supposed guaranteed drop during the Worlds 2020 Final. When Suning’s Chen ‘Bin’ Ze-Bin got a pentakill during Game 2, all players watching should have received an in-game drop.

However, the system broke. No one received the drop on the day, and this only fuelled the community’s anti-drops sentiment. Riot have apologized for this error though, and are looking at making it up to players.

“We had a glitch with the Penta drop at Worlds so we had to re-drop it. You should see it in your drops page if you were logged in, opted in, and watching on at the time,” developer Riot5oda told players on Reddit.


Riot5oda also stated the dev team is working on fixing the drops system for 2021. It had an equally rocky implementation into the LEC and LCS earlier in 2020, but it’s something Riot wants to integrate in the future.

“I also wanted to say that we’re listening to your feedback and hear you.

“While there are reasons for the challenges we had, we ultimately wanted to make something fun [for] Worlds during an unprecedented time and we’re going to make some changes for the better moving forward.”