Riot responds after LoL 12.1 update gave Akshan accidental nerf

Alan Bernal
akshan league of legends
Riot Games

Riot Games responded to an accidental change for Akshan after League of Legends players noticed a “significant” nerf to the champion following the 12.1 patch update.

The League devs quelled concerns of a secret nerf to the Rogue Sentinel once people noticed the delay between auto-attacks from his passive, Dirty Fighting, felt off.

While the champion’s abilities still function, League players found that the time between auto-attacks was noticeably longer after the 12.1 update.

Riot investigating Akshan bug

league of legends akshan
Riot Games
Riot are investigating Akshan after players reported a problem with his passive.

Riot are now looking into the problem with Akshan, which they believe occurred after fixing another bug entirely.

“The delay between the double autos (passive) got significantly increased,” user ‘kostre’ said. “No mention of that on the patch notes. I genuinely thought I am lagging for the first few minutes, kept canceling my autos and not proccing the passive [as a] result.”

League of Legends dev team member known as ‘GreatBelugaWhale’ reassured players that the problem was on the company’s radar.

“Will investigate,” they said. “Probably broke something when working on fixing a separate bug.”

akshan league of legends
Riot Games
A Riot dev believes they must have ‘broke’ Akshan’s passive after attempting a fix for a different bug.

Akshan hasn’t received either buffs or nerfs through the last few game updates. This led to some believing Riot had secretly applied a change without listing it in the patch notes.

The last changes to the Rogue Sentinels’ passive came in the 11.17 update when Riot amended a slew of bug fixes. Now the devs are hoping an upcoming update will address the latest glitch that’s affecting the dynamic League champion.

The Riot dev didn’t give a timetable for the Akshan fix but players will hope that the 12.2 update in a couple of weeks might hold the solution.