Riot promises TFT Double-Up improvements as Labs becomes permanent

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Following the success of Teamfight Tactics’ multiplayer mode, Double Up, Riot have confirmed that the fan-favorite Lab mode will be made permanent in TFT – but with some twists. 

While many view Riot Games’ autobattler title as secondary to the iconic MOBA, League of Legends, the game continues to go from strength to strength – even adding Arcane villain extraordinaire, Silco, to the mix.

Having dropped during the latter half of 2021 in beta form, Double Up has breathed new life into the game. Allowing you to play alongside a friend, the game mode has snowballed in popularity since its release.

Luckily for fans of the fun-filled Lab mode, Riot have decided to make it permanent for TFT fans who like to walk on the wild side. So, here’s a rundown of everything you need to know.

teamfight tactics double up modeRiot Games
Double Up is here to stay!

Double Up will be made permanent in Teamfight Tactics

In their January 24 blog post, Riot confirmed that TFT’s multiplayer mode will be added to the game for good, but there will be some more tweaks in upcoming patches to ensure that it meets fan standards.

“Double Up has exceeded all of our expectations,” they write, highlighting “we’re gobsmacked by its success.” Riot has, however, clarified that the game is only at “90 percent” of what they envision it looking like, and are therefore looking to implement some changes going forward.

“You’re probably wondering how we’re going to get that final 10 percent of Double Up done without taking it off live servers as originally planned,” they state. “By taking Double Up offline, we would have had a clear window of several patches to implement changes based on the feedback we’ve received from our community.

“Without a substantial amount of downtime, we’ll still be implementing these changes, but more slowly. We’ll be using the extra time to ensure a stable Double Up experience on live servers, while simultaneously working towards Double Up’s final form.”

teamfight tactic tft double up modeRiot Games
Looks like you’ll be able to play with friends whenever you like!

TFT Double Up changes

Riot are looking to implement some significant adjustments to Double Up over the next few months, so we’ve detailed them all below:

  • Double Up lobbies with more than two players: Allow more than two players in the one lobby.
  • A ranked system tailor-made for Double Up: Riot are looking into a competitive system that allows you to play with whoever you want.
  • Communications for randomly paired players: Specifically targeted at single players who don’t want to use voice chat.
  • Enhanced Double Up clarity: Adding additional clarity around reinforcements, while also making team colors clearer.
  • Clearer rules for reinforcements: The devs are looking to eliminate ongoing inconsistencies with reinforcement champions.
  • Double Up balancing and healthy metas: Balance changes to ensure that TFT remains fun across the champion spectrum.

The devs are hoping to have all of these changes prepped for a massive update that will accompany the release of Set 7. Either way, the future of Double Up and TFT looks every brighter, and we can’t wait to get stuck in!