League of Legends

Riot has new plans for “overpowered” healing in League, and players won’t like it

Published: 28/Dec/2020 2:31 Updated: 28/Dec/2020 3:03

by Isaac McIntyre


Riot has unveiled new plans to deal with the “overpowered” healing running rampant in League of Legends heading into Season 11, and players aren’t going to like it; the devs have decided to “embrace” the mechanic, rather than nerf it.

LoL fans have long been at odds with Riot over two mechanics: boosted damage, and “overpowered” healing. While the League of Legends developers believe balancing health recovery with increased power is the way forward, many fans think the title has “far too much healing” and not enough ways to counter it in items or champion picks.

The issue has only been exacerbated in Season 10. Powerful runes like Conquerors and Triumph have become must-picks, while a handful of items now come packaged with lifesteal and health regeneration after the planned 2020 shop overhaul.

There’s bad news though; Riot disagrees completely.

In fact, they have a plan many LoL players may disagree with ⁠— according to dev Kevin ‘Captain Gameplay’ Huang, they’re “embracing” healing in Season 11.

Riot Games
Powerful healers like Soraka are getting the greenlight for buffs in Season 11.

⁠“Healing is a core and natural mechanic in League (and really in most games where units have health). Healing and playing around it should be embraced, and developed further rather than skirted away from,” he wrote on Reddit.

It won’t just be healing that is nurtured in 2021 and beyond, he added. Counter items like “Executioner’s Calling” and “Bramble Vest” will also be getting boosts, in an effort to make the healing vs grievous wounds dynamic a “core mechanic” in League of Legends.

“This includes easier to access Grievous Wounds… cheaper and more usable, in the same vein that you can buy armor to deal with physical damage.”

Katarina is just one of many mid lane champions that could be nerfed in League Patch 10.10 and beyond.
Riot Games
LoL champs like Katarina have enjoyed the game’s increased healing over the last season.

Originally, the League balance team were considering healing nerfs in the opening patches of Season 11. They have since “pivoted from that messaging” behind the scenes, following “some digging” into the meta on their test servers.

Huang did not reveal what the healing changes may look like.

Dexerto suspects most of these changes may come through item buffs and nerfs, especially considering the mammoth shop overhaul League of Legends introduced during preseason.

The LoL dev did admit, however, making healing ⁠— and countering it ⁠— a “core” part of Riot’s flagship title “could use a lot more development” before it’s ‘perfect.’


Overwatch’s tank mains want nerfs as Echo & Zenyatta make ranked “hell”

Published: 15/Jan/2021 20:44

by Michael Gwilliam


Overwatch tanks have been on the receiving end of some major nerfs lately with Sigma and Wrecking Ball on the chopping block, but now players are calling for changes to two heroes responsible for making ranked “hell” for them.

Tanks in Overwatch are critical pieces of any team composition and while they’ve seemed overpowered for quite some time, now, Echo and Zenyatta seem to be on the receiving end of fury from the playerbase.

Notably, Echo’s ability to delete targets with ease thanks to her ammo count and powerful Focusing Beam makes her a dangerous foe while Zenyatta’s Discord Orb shreds tanks.

When applied, Discord Orb causes an opponent to receive 30% extra damage. As such, large health pool tanks can be obliterated when focused down thanks to Zen’s utility.

Echo using Focusing Beam
Blizzard Entertainment
Echo has a lot of tools to be a pain for enemy teams.

Players on Reddit have been vocal in calling for changes. “Tanks f**king suck to play right now and the sigma nerfs just solidified that for me,” wrote user HaMx_Platypus.

“None of the tanks actually feel like tanks at all when you’re going up against 30% Discord,” they added.

Redditors chimed in with their own thoughts. “Completely agree, Discord should be taken back down to 25% at least,” one wrote.

Zenyatta attacks

“Echo’s issue is that her clip is too big,” another pointed out. “The Sticky [cool down] doesn’t matter, the issue is she can often use them again before having to reload.”

“It’s bonkers that she can combine all 3 abilities (right click, throw out a few left clicks and then immediately use beam) to stack the damage, as it will literally kill any hero in the game if you land the stickies,” a fan blasted.

Another took their criticism of Echo and Discord to another level. “Discord is simply too powerful. It’s literally like 6 Mercy boosts at a time and 90% of the time that’s going onto the main tank. Plus you add the spam damage that Zen does and it’s just unreal,” they slammed.

“Echo was poorly designed. I couldn’t tell upon release but it’s much clearer now. She just has too many tank-busting abilities and not enough punishability,” the user further remarked.

With so many players voicing their frustration, it may be a sign for Blizzard to consider some slight nerfs on the Experimental Mode in the coming weeks.