Riot looking to host more international League of Legends esports tournaments

Riot Games

Riot executives have confirmed that the company is looking to add more international events to join MSI and Worlds on the League of Legends esports calendar.

After weeks of debate on the structure of League of Legends esports, Riot Games have now given their stance on the issue.

During the last media day ahead of the Worlds 2021 Grand Final on November 6, Global Head of League of Legends esports Naz Aletaha gave fans hope for potential changes to the current landscape of cross-regional events.

Riot global head of league of legends esports Naz AletahaRiot Games
Naz Aletaha, Riot’s Global Head of League of Legends esports said they were exploring potential new international tournaments

New international League of Legends tournaments?

“We are absolutely looking at more ways to bring the regions to match up against one another,” Aletaha said.

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The statement comes at a time of great unrest in the League community. Throughout Worlds, fans have voiced their dislike for the current Worlds format, sentiments that have been echoed by the likes of caster Christopher ‘MonteCristo’ Mykles.

Beyond that, a number of League professionals have railed against the very structure of League of Legends esports. Cloud9 head coach Alfonso ‘mithy’ Aguirre Rodríguez called the current system “unfair” to Western teams.

Riot currently hosts two international events through the League calendar: the Mid-Season Invitational (MSI) and the year-ending Worlds.

However, the company does have a history of hosting other events within the esport.

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G2 at Rift Rivals 2019Riot Games
Riot previously hosted numerous intra-continental tournaments, such as Rift Rivals

In 2013, the ‘Battle of the Atlantic’ pitted the top five teams from Europe and America against one another in an eight-day tournament at the end of the year.

There was also the ‘Rift Rivals’ series, which would pit various regions against one another. The tournament ran from 2017 from to 2019 and featured five regional tournaments

  • Blue Rift: Europe v North America
  • Red Rift: China v Korea v Taiwain/Hong Kong/Macao/Vietnam
  • Yellow Rift: Brazil v Latin America North v Latin America South
  • Purple Rift: Japan v Oceania v Southeast Asia
  • Green Rift: CIS v Turkey v Vietnam

These events have fallen by the wayside as League of Legends has progressed as an esport.

Aletaha’s comments may be welcome news to fans hoping to see more international events for League of Legends esports.