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Riot teases League Victorious skin for iconic champ in Season 11

Published: 4/Oct/2021 22:55 Updated: 4/Oct/2021 22:56

by Alan Bernal


Riot Games have given a sneak preview into League of Legends Season 11 Victorious skin and all signs point to it being for a classic character from the game’s history.

Victorious skins are bestowed to champions that have had an impact on competitive League of Legends that year through pro games and Ranked play matches. For Season 10, anyone who finished Gold rank or higher received a Victorious Lucian cosmetic, with other popular champs the years before.

With Season 11 winding down, another Victorious skin is primed for the end of the season and Riot have already started teasing the latest induction.


While there’s still time for a proper reveal, the teaser image has already convinced many that the 2021 Victorious skin will be for Annie.

League Season 11 Victorious Annie skin

The official League of Legends Twitter posted a cryptic message for their fans, which heavily hinted at the upcoming Victorious skin.

“Something victorious is coming your way…” Riot wrote. The image attached was a close-up of a pink bear with a gem on its forehead.

The bear looked as if it were hanging from an arm, instantly conjuring the image of Annie with her teddy, Tibbers.

Though judging by players’ reactions to the teaser, not everyone is looking forward to a Victorious Annie skin – especially when you consider the champ’s pick rate in 2021.


League players react to Victorious Annie teaser

League Annie Victorious Anniversary skin Season 11
Riot Games
Annie received the League of Legends ‘Annie-Versary’ for the game’s 10th birthday.

League players weren’t immediately sold on Annie as the next Victorious skin, not because the teaser didn’t hint at that, but because of her presence in League.

Annie hasn’t really been in the Season 11 meta having only a 0.6% pick presence in pro play and less than 6% pickrate in Ranked play, according to data.

“Why? Annie wasn’t even anywhere near meta dominant or defining at all this season. Hecarim, Rumble, Udyr, or Lee Sin would have been better picks,” Reddit user ‘Shinashu’ said.

“It may be copium but you can’t convince me this isn’t bait,” another person said in the thread. The League scene very commonly likes to troll, so the teaser being bait isn’t entirely out of the question.


We’ll see if the 2021 League skin ends up being for Annie, but there’s already plenty of dialogue from the game’s community for who else the Victorious skin could or should go to.