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Riot reveal first look at LoL’s scary new Fiddlesticks in teaser trailer

Published: 13/Mar/2020 21:02 Updated: 13/Mar/2020 22:17

by Scott Robertson


Riot Games showed off the first official glance at the visual update for the champion Fiddlesticks, after the character won the ‘Champion Update’ vote in 2019.

After Fiddlesticks came out on top in that fan vote, Riot Games said in early 2020 that they wanted to “transform it into the most terrifying Champion in League of Legends.”


At first glance, the development team looks to have taken a step in the right direction, after releasing a horror movie-themed teaser to show off the character’s spooky new look.

In the trailer titled “Terror in Demacia,” which has already generated nearly half a million views in just a matter of hours, two Demacian guards are picked off one-by-one by a frightening scarecrow creature, which appears to be the new Fiddlesticks.


The champion’s ambush-like tactics in the trailer reflect the goals that the developers have for it as an in-game character. “We want Fiddlesticks to be the iconic ambush champion, with a kit centered around the concept of fear,” they said.

The video also shows it using a decoy on one of the two guards, which also reflects Riot’s goal of giving it more “deceptive abilities” to confuse opponents. They shared some of its new ambush abilities on their “secret” channel.

In the description of the trailer, it simply states that “an ancient fear awakens.” This goal of Fiddlesticks being an ancient evil in LoL lore was indicated back when Riot Games first announced the incoming changes in their dev blog, and that announcement showed they had some pretty sick and twisted ideas for him:


“As an utterly inhuman entity (regardless of what its true origins are), Fiddle lacks internal organs, a brain to think, or vocal chords to form sentences.

Any type of voice it might have wouldn’t sound like a person, but rather a projection: Just as a scarecrow is the crude facsimile of a human being, its voice could be a crude mimicry of people it has come across/killed.”

Riot Games
An early look at a concept for the new Fiddlesticks.

If this part of Fiddlesticks’ new background is true, perhaps the sounds of the first guard calling for help in the trailer weren’t from the guard at all, but from the scary scarecrow trying to lure in his second victim.


Fittingly, the trailer was released on Friday the 13th, so don’t be surprised if Fiddlesticks appears in your nightmares this evening.


League cosplayer descends from the heavens as amazing Dragonslayer Diana

Published: 7/Oct/2020 8:02

by Andrew Amos


Diana has descended from the heavens of Mount Targon here on Earth ⁠— or so you could be mistaken into thinking. Scottish cosplayer ‘anaelic’ has once again delivered the goods for League of Legends fan, putting on an epic display with her Dragonslayer Diana cosplay.

Seeing a Diana cosplay for League of Legends is rare. However, finding an exquisite one is almost impossible. The Scorn of the Moon, with her heavy armor and massive Moonsilver blade, isn’t up there with one of the popular champions to cosplay.


However, that hasn’t stopped anaelic from creating one of the best ⁠— if not the best ⁠— Diana cosplay with her incredible rendition of the Lunari’s Dragonslayer skin.

Dragonslayer Olaf and Diana in League of Legends
Riot Games
The Dragonslayer skin for Diana is one of her most intricate, but that didn’t stop anaelic.

Anaelic has been working on her Dragonslayer Diana cosplay since lockdown began. She was originally going to take it to conventions, but with 2020 stopping all of those, she instead used the project as motivation.


“This project has instead been my distraction, the thing that’s kept me motivated to stay productive, and I’m so proud that I at least have this to show for all the extra time I’ve had,” she said on Instagram after completing her cosplay.

You can tell just how much effort she put into it right from the first glance. Anaelic has managed to recreate the Aspect’s sunset-colored armor perfectly, not forgetting a single panel on Diana’s intricate outfit.

She managed to keep all the pieces together with velcro, although the cosplay is ⁠— understandably ⁠— very hard to get around it.


“I honestly don’t know how I’m going to survive a full day at a con in this cosplay because it is so hard to move about it! It was well worth it though because we got some amazing photos,” she added.


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Anaelic also considered all the small details ⁠— she recreated the smoky effect on her blade with a smoke machine and LED lights built into the crescent. The cosplay is not only one of the best Diana ones we’ve seen, but one of the best cosplays of the year. Period.

The Scottish cosplayer isn’t stopping here though. If you’re wondering what anaelic’s next project is, wonder no more. She is currently working on a Spirit Blossom Lillia cosplay, and she’s trying to make it perfect from head-to-hoof. We’ve even covered her progress on it so far!