League of Legends

Riot Games face backlash after covering for Echo Fox amid racism scandal

by Alan Bernal


Riot Games are receiving major backlash after extending Echo Fox’s deadline to “take appropriate corrective action” followingLeague of Legends Championship Series Commissioner Chris Greeley previously gave the org a 60-day term to oust "any individuals whose actions violate league rules and agreements" but it seems like unspecified complications are holding up the process.

While the LCS and Riot Games have previously shown strict and swift action to internal problems, the news of the deadline extension has thrown esports fans in a loop and negative sentiments are growing.

Riot's new extension is troubling a lot of LCS fans.

In a July 15 announcement, Riot Games updated their community on where they stand with Echo Fox after “ongoing discussions” with the org has revealed a need to extend their original ruling.

“On May 15, the LCS directed Echo Fox to take appropriate corrective action within 60 days to remove those individuals whose actions have violated League rules and agreements,” the League said. “Based on our ongoing discussions with Echo Fox, we are extending our deadline for compliance by 7 days.”

Rick Fox has previously said that he would "not stay in business with a racist," and the new deadline has many seeing this extension as a sore note on the Echo Fox saga.

“This sends a wrong message without providing context on why,” former LCS pro Marcel ‘dexter’ Feldkamp said.

It looks like dexter is on to something as members of the community have been voicing their concerns as to why Riot would allow an extension to resolve a pressing issue.

Esports community firing back at Riot Games

There wasn’t much of a buffer from when the company announced the seven-day extension to fans voicing their concerns while drawing parallels to the controversial saga years ago involving Christopher ‘MonteCristo’ Mykles.

“Monte gets ousted immediately while a literal racist gets an extra week to find a new job. Nice,” Twitter user Carlos Blanchard said.

In fact, MonteCristo himself responded to the news saying: “Man, Echo Fox is so lucky. I would have loved another seven days to sell.”

“60 days and no action by the team is one thing,” Twitter user ‘loopyguy8’ said. “Then compound it with the league being lenient is insane. Bad imagine. Bad message. Its tolerated it seems”

Barring another extension, Echo Fox now has until July 22 to sort out personnel issues within their ranks less they face “formal action that may adversely impact the future” of the org in the LCS.