Riot Games addresses ransom demands after hackers steal LoL source code

Riot Games cyber attack LoLRiot Games

Riot Games has fallen victim to a cyber attack – one that focused on League of Legends. They’ve assured users that this cyber attack hasn’t compromised personal information.

Cyber attacks are nothing new in the games industry. Big game companies are often targets for hackers trying to get a payday from holding source code and user information at ransom.

The GTA 6 leak is one of the highest-profile examples as of late, with footage of the in-development project getting leaked before the game was even announced.

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Riot Games is next in line, with League of Legends information being targeted by a cyber attack. This attack not only got information about anti-cheat in LoL, but also info about upcoming game modes and unreleased features.

Riot Games falls victim to LoL-focused cyber attack

According to a series of tweets from Riot Games, a cyber attack has targeted League of Legends. Hackers have been able to get some of the source code for both LoL and TFT, and have gotten their hands on the source code for their anti-cheat system.

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Thankfully, Riot Games has stated that it is “confident that no player data or player personal information was compromised”, in a series of tweets.

Riot has also revealed that the people who stole this information have offered up a ransom, one it has no plans to pay.

However, it’s as of yet unclear how this will affect the development of League of Legends going forward. This could potentially mean that future content will get delayed.

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This news comes after a Season 13 opening that players were already disappointed in, and long-awaited game updates like Ahri’s ASU have been delayed to patch 13.3 instead of coming out in 13.2 as planned. Fortunately, Riot should be able to get back to a normal patch schedule soon.

It remains to be seen how this cyber attack and the information the hackers gained will affect League of Legends going forward.

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