Riot is forcing Kled from tank to bruiser in League of Legends role swap

Andrew Amos
Kled in League of Legends
Riot Games

Riot are giving Kled a complete overhaul, tackling all the Cantankerous Cavalier’s bugs and giving him some handy changes ahead of League of Legends Season 12. It’s all in an attempt to shift the top lane bruiser back to his roots over the dominant tank build.

Kled is far from being the most popular champion in League of Legends. While being quietly strong, with his current tank build boasting a 52.46% win rate, it’s not exactly how Riot intended the Cantankerous Cavalier to play.

Riot wants Kled to be a bruiser, not a tank, even if it comes at a cost to his win rate in the short-term. So, they’re implementing an overhaul ahead of League Season 12 to bring him back to his roots.

Marauder Kled in League of Legends
Riot Games
Riot wants Kled to fulfil his bruiser fantasy, like he did back on release in 2016.

The confirmed “numbers changes” for League of Legends patch 11.24 include counting Skaarl’s base HP as Kled’s own, which reduces the scaling on health items like Titanic Hydra and Sunfire Aegis the champion often uses.

This change gives Kled more room to build damage items, allowing him to fulfil that bruiser fantasy. Kled’s E cooldown is also going down, and its AD ratio is being increased.

“The goal here was to move him off of the tank build and give some compensation to make sure he isn’t awful, but once this all shakes out we can take a good look at his AD builds and see what / how much they need,” developer ‘Phlox’ said.

Phlox gauged the Kled playerbase for further buff ideas, including fixing some of Kled’s long-standing bugs and adding some new quality of life features.

One of them is increasing the tickrate on his remount check, meaning Kled shouldn’t die as often with full Courage. This lines up with other champions like Gnar and Viego, who have practically instantaneous transformations.

Changes to Kled taking damage through invulnerability, respawning with only half health, and a consistency buff to his E pullback are all also on the cards.

Count Kledula in League of Legends
Riot Games
Further changes to Kled are expected in League of Legends Season 12 after the health adjustments.

Once all the bug fixes and small changes are implemented, Riot will weigh up whether more buffs are required. A similar pass for Vi in League of Legends patch 11.22 ⁠— with just numerous bug fixes ⁠— saw her win rate skyrocket, and the same could happen for Kled.

You can find the full list of Kled changes coming to LoL patch 11.24 below.