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Riot exploring possibility of TFT Galaxies return in future sets

Published: 25/Aug/2020 3:29

by Andrew Amos


TFT Galaxies has arguably been the best set in the history of Teamfight Tactics. It was a breath of fresh air after Rise of the Elements. Now, with Fates and Set 4 on the horizon, Riot aren’t quite done with Galaxies yet, exploring a potential return in some capacity.

TFT Galaxies breathed fresh life into the League of Legends-inspired autobattler that Rise of the Elements failed to do.

The Galaxies mechanic was more interesting than the elemental hex system in Set 2. Champions and traits were fun, interesting, and more balanced ⁠— for the most part. The game felt better than ever.


Star Guardian Ahri, Soraka, and Ezreal in TFT
Riot Games
TFT Galaxies has been a hit with players.

Riot want to expand on that feeling for Set 4 ⁠— Fates. While they’ve promised a bunch of quality of life changes to carousels, combat, agent pool sizes, items, and more, the galaxies mechanic is a bit more unique. It was meant to be a Set 3 special, but given its success, it could return down the line.

“The Galaxies Mechanic was one of our more ambitious system mechanics because it allowed us to learn more about the game, how all the systems work together, and which mechanics players preferred,” the devs explained in an August 24 blog post.

The Galaxies experiment was more than just providing different boards for players to do battle on. It gave Riot insight in mechanics that might potentially make it into future sets. It was experimentative, without feeling too intrusive on how the game was played.


Some galaxies, like Binary Star or Dwarf Planet, were universally disliked. Tropes like those will likely not make a return in the future. However, others like Plunder Planet, Trade Sector, and Super Dense were hits with the community. Riot don’t want to remove them completely, and are looking at integrating them into future sets.

“Grabbing the extra item components from Galactic Armory, raking in the extra income from Plunder Planet or Treasure Trove, and getting a free reroll from Trade Sector all changed the game in really fun ways. Super Dense also opened up a bunch of new composition possibilities.


“All of these got players super excited and added to the life of Galaxies. It would be a shame to throw all that away. Sometime in the future, we will be exploring the idea of bringing back some of these variants back to TFT as a permanent part of the game.”

While Riot have only alluded to bringing back certain variants of Galaxies back, there is still a possibility the whole set could return. Riot are looking at introducing a new game mode in early 2021 to Teamfight Tactics.

This could be an arcade mode, mashing together exciting elements from past sets. It could even potentially be a rotating roster of old sets. The details are unknown, but Riot could incorporate it into the new game mode as the permanent addition, while letting each set shine on the main stage.


TFT Set 4, titled Fates, will be dropping on Patch 10.19 on September 16. A handful of champions have been revealed, with plenty more on the way in the coming days.