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Riot devs confirm major League power creep changes coming after player backlash

Published: 16/Jan/2022 14:14

by Shay Robson


A Riot dev has revealed an update reducing the overall damage in League of Legends to fix the “crazy” high damage power creep is being worked on for a Season 12 release. 

Power creep has been a popular topic of discussion among the League of Legends community in recent years. Players believe that game’s damage is too high and gives too much one-shot potential across the board.

In Season 11, Riot acknowledged the power creep issues but admitted an update wouldn’t be coming anytime soon.

However, a recent comment from a dev reveals that they’re gearing up for an update in Season 12 to fix the damage issues.


Chemtech Tryndamere in League of Legends.
Riot Games
There have been plenty of complaints about power in LoL.

Former League of Legends pro player Tim ‘Nemesis’ Lipovšek commented on the power creep issues during his January 14 stream. Nemesis hit out at the devs for how much damage is in the game compared to old seasons.

The rant from the former pro did the rounds on the LoL subreddit, where Lead Gameplay Designer Bryan ‘Axes’ Salvatore responded. “We are actively working on finding the good, nuanced version of reducing overall damage in the game,” said the dev. “We are hoping to ship during the season if possible. There’s not a good update I can give right now other than we’re working on it.


“We’re hoping to ship it when it’s ready, and we’re willing to ship it during the season instead of having to wait until preseason if we’re able to land it aside from specific launch windows like playoffs/MSI or the leadup to Worlds.”

Players were delighted to hear Riot is working on a power creep solution.”Very excited to hear that it could potentially happen this season. It’s a great potential change, but I’d hate to wait another year when I feel like it’s been noticeable for years,” said one.

It’s music to a lot of ears that Riot is working on a solution to fix the damage issues that have gradually gotten worse over prior seasons. Players will be hopeful that the update ships during the current season.