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Riot confirms new jungler in Champion Roadmap for League Season 11

Published: 24/Sep/2020 18:57

by Daniel Cleary


Riot Games has finally revealed its latest Champion Roadmap for League of Legends, sharing teasers of all the upcoming characters, including a “romantic” new jungler coming in Season 11.

With Yone, Lillia, Sett, and now Samira joining the League of Legends roster in 2020, the Riot devs are already looking forward to the next batch of champions they plan on adding in the coming season.

Riot Games has already revealed major changes coming in Season 11, with a massive item overhaul expected to arrive in the preseason, and they have now revealed teasers for each of the champions expected to arrive before and during the next season.

league of legends teaser
Riot Games
Riot has yet to confirm any of their upcoming champions.

League Season 11 Champion Roadmap

In Riot’s blog post on September 24, League of Legends dev Reav3 explained that, after Yone’s addition to the game, they were keen on introducing more characters as champions that may have already appeared or been mentioned in the lore of Runeterra.

Reav3 followed up hinting that one of the champions to be introduced would see yet another familiar character, explaining that they are “going to bring another character players have been longing for to the Rift next year.”

For this champion roadmap, Riot revealed that they still had a mid-lane Mage, who is expected to be confirmed as the mysterious character Seraphine, and a new Support champ, to add in 2020.

seraphine from league of legends
Riot Games
Seraphine is expected to be the “mid-lane mage” that Riot has been teasing.

New LoL Support champion

The new support character has been described as a “heavily-armored runaway criminal,” in the champion roadmap, leaving any enemies and their gear “twisted and shattered.” 

While this new champion’s playstyle is currently unknown, Riot hinted that they may have some mobile abilities in their kit, adding that the “criminal’s been known to mount a quick retreat when cornered,” although we will have to wait to see how that will translate in-game.

This fugitive is currently scheduled to be final champion released in 2020, although champion release dates are always subject to change.

new support champion teaser
Riot Games
Riot teased the new support champ with artwork of what appears to be a shadowy figure.

New League of Legends Jungler teased for Season 11

Following the addition of Lillia in the Spirit Blossom event, it looks like Riot has yet another jungle skirmisher in the works, and they are expected to be the first champion released in early 2021.

“You may just find yourself falling for our romantic new jungle skirmisher, who will be twisting hearts and possessing minds early next year.” Riot Games teased, before sharing an image of a ring that ties in with the new champ.

ring from league of legends
Riot Games
Riot has teased a new piece of jewelry along with the upcoming Jungler.

League of Legends fans will likely have to wait for more information about the 2021 Jungler but Riot seems to have plenty of champions lined up to keep fans entertained until then.

Dr. Mundo VGU Preview

After Riot announced that Mundo would be the next champion to receive a VGU, following Fiddlesticks’ and Volibear’s rework, they have now provided an update on the Madman of Zaun.

The dev team shared that they are “going to keep Mundo’s gameplay pretty similar” overall but they plan on making him a difficult champion to lock down, by adding some form of CC immunity to his kit.

Dr mundo artwork league of legends

Riot also shared some concept art for the old champion’s rework, revealing a modern take on Mundo and giving fans a glimpse of what to expect from the VGU.

It is worth noting that as with many of these teasers, the Riot devs can still make changes before the champions are finally set live in-game.


Leaked Spider-Man: Miles Morales PS4 gameplay shows new combat abilities

Published: 29/Oct/2020 17:50

by Michael Gwilliam


New footage has leaked showing off Spider-Man: Miles Morales on PS4, alongside some new abilities and a snowy New York city.

The gameplay footage, which reportedly originated on Twitter before being saved to Imgur are in GIF form, yet still reveal how smooth the game looks running on current-gen hardware.

The first 44-second clip shows Spider-Man doing battle in a room filled with enemies. By reacting before a laser is fired, the player is able to counter the attack and dodge before performing a combo.

Judging by the ability-select menu, this particular scene seems to take place relatively early on in the game as only the Web Shooters are listed as selectable.

Spider-Man Miles Morales gameplay
Insomniac Games
Miles has some new tricks up his sleeve.

Players also have the option to select certain objects within the environment to use as weapons such as a fire extinguisher.

Additionally, button prompts for abilities such as “Venom Punch,” throw, and finisher are listed on the bottom of the screen.

This combat sequence takes place in what seems to be the Roxxon Energy Corporation building. Once the fighting has ended, the player is tasked with investigating the office.

The other gameplay footage clip shows Miles swinging around New York City, only unlike the first game, this time it’s during winter with snow on trees and the tops of buildings.

While swinging, the player is given the option to track an Underground cache. The Underground is a terrorist organization and the antagonists of the game.

Later on, the player dives and performs a number of flips to rack up a “cool combo” and earn some experience points.

There are also a couple of waypoints on the screen, indicating that there are multiple objectives or missions that can be tackled at this point in the game.

Spider-Man Miles Morales is set to release on November 12 on PS4 and be a launch title on PlayStation 5. While many are sure to want to pick up the PS5 copy, this gameplay is proof that the PS4 version is nothing to scoff at.