Riot confirm Divine Sunderer fix after accidental buff in League durability patch

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A League of Legends developer promised changes are coming for Divine Sunderer, an item that is still healing players insane amounts even after the durability patch went live.

LoL patch 12.10 changed up the popular MOBA in a massive way, boosting up all champion’s defenses while nerfing damage across the board in an effort to slow the game’s long-standing one-shot meta.

On top of all champions getting beefier, healing and shielding were reduced across the board as well as Grievous Wounds. As the dust settled on the May 25 changes, Riot pushed out a 12.10b patch to clean up some of the changes that left champions like Taliyah and Vayne way too powerful.

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However, League players noticed that one specific item wasn’t nerfed that is now absolutely dominating the meta.

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League of Legends massive durability patch dropped on May 25.

Riot promises Divine Sunderer changes

Divine Sunderer has been wreaking havoc on Summoner’s Rift for quite some time now, and it’s mostly because of a specific interaction unique to the bruiser item.

Sunderer’s healing was nerfed in the durability patch for both ranged and melee champions, but according to dedicated League fans, this wasn’t enough.

This is mostly due to the fact that the item’s spellblade healing is pre-mitigation, meaning the item will heal a player prior to applying Grievous Wounds either by Thornmail or Bramble Vest. With all shields and healing across the board down in the game, Sunderer’s healing seemingly slid under the radar in the massive patch.

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League dev Galaxy Smash responded to calls for the item’s interaction to be fixed in a Reddit thread and said, “We should definitely get that fixed! I have it tracked now and will look to fix it soon-ish.”

Divine Sunderer users, like jungle Wukong, currently sport a 53.88% win rate in Platinum+ according to lolalytics, making him by far the best jungler on the new patch.

Twitch star Thebausffs shared on his stream how the item’s healing actually ignores the target’s armor and heals based on a percentage of the target’s HP.

Thus, the item heals the damage dealer for absolutely insane amounts despite how tanky the target is.

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While GalaxySmash promised changes are coming for the item, he did not give a specific release date.

It’s possible the item is nerfed in patch 12.11 slated for release on June 8.