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League of Legends dev reveals why Soraka will be nerfed in future patch

Published: 3/Feb/2020 0:45

by Andrew Amos


Nerfs are on the way for Soraka in an upcoming patch, according to League senior champion designer August ‘August’ Browning, after the champion dominated the top lane this weekend in pro play and solo queue.

Soraka top has taken the League world by storm over the last week as a staple pick in pro play and solo queue. After G2 Esports’ Martin ‘Wunder’ Hansen picked it in wins against Origen and Vitality, players from all regions have jumped on the bandwagon.

With strong poke, infinite sustain, and good disengage with her silence, Soraka top can navigate the early game pretty safely, before turning into a menace in the late game by keeping her carries alive.

Nightbringer Soraka skin for League of Legends
Riot Games
Soraka top has been a menace in pro play and solo queue on Patch 10.2, and Riot are keeping tabs on her.

However, as much as pros and regulars have jumped on the Soraka bandwagon, Riot have been keeping an eye on it, and are getting ready to derail it.

Riot August answered a player’s question during his February 2 stream about the future of Soraka in the top lane, and it’s looking pretty grim for The Starchild.

“What do I think about Soraka top? It’s going to have to be nerfed. Its win rate is like 56-57% [in solo queue], it’s just overpowered,” he revealed.

The Starchild has a 53.82% win rate across all ranks in the top lane according to stats site u.gg, climbing above 56% in Diamond. This is compared to her 51.92% win rate in support, which has raised some eyebrows at Riot.

“It’s not like it’s not cool,” he added, explaining it’s not Riot’s intention to kill off-meta picks. “It’s cool that characters can go in other lanes, but Soraka top — it’s like 56% win rate, it’s super-giga-powerful.”

August has spoken in the past about champs being nerfed if they aren’t fulfilling their intended role. Pyke and Senna are two examples of this recently, with the former gutted after making an appearance as a solo laner in Season 9.

The latter is also on a short leash regarding her power in AD carry and support, with August stating Riot will “prioritize support Senna over ADC” back in December.

Soraka top has one of the highest win rates of any champion, in any role, in high elo on Patch 10.2.

Soraka is expected to face the same fate as Pyke top though, although what changes will be coming are yet to be decided.

“We’re gonna have to nerf it, that’s what I’m calling. We’re probably going to nerf it pretty hard, but we have to figure out how we do it, but right now it’s actually the strongest champion you can play top besides Sett.”

Given Patch 10.3 is expected to be released on February 5, it’s unlikely any changes will be able to be shipped in this current cycle. However, players should expect some changes by the time Patch 10.4 rolls around later this month.

League of Legends

Team Liquid set to re-sign Jensen in record-breaking $4.2 million LCS deal

Published: 27/Oct/2020 23:55

by Isaac McIntyre


Team Liquid has reportedly tabled a lucrative $4.2 million dollar deal that would make off-contract mid lane star Nicolaj “Jensen” Jensen the highest-paid player in LCS history, following rival Søren “Bjergsen” Bjerg’s shock retirement.

Jensen has been at the center of Liquid’s League of Legends roster since 2019, when he jumped ship from Cloud9 after a Worlds semi-final run in South Korea.

The Danish mid laner, who has played in the North American league for the past six years, has already won four LCS titles with Liquid. He became a competition resident in May 2019, and has long been considered one of the league’s best.

With Bjergsen announcing his shock retirement, Jensen’s value skyrocketed. The mid laner, 25, is off-contract on Nov. 27, but seems set to stay in the blue and black of Team Liquid for another three years, according to insider Travis Gafford.

Jensen will reportedly accept the $4.2 million deal. Once he’s signed on the dotted line, the Dane will become the highest-paid LCS player the North American comp has ever had, dwarfing the previous richest contract by a long margin.

Jensen is one of the undisputed best stars in the LCS, especially after becoming an NA resident in 2019.
Riot Games
Jensen is one of the undisputed best stars in the LCS, especially after becoming an NA resident in 2019.

Liquid also holds the soon-to-be second-highest deal, a $3.4 million contract over three years for world champion Jung “Impact” Eon-yeong. The top lane star ⁠— who claimed Worlds glory with SKT in 2013 ⁠— is reportedly leaving Liquid, however.

He will be followed out the door by Mads “Broxah” Brock-Pedersen, insider rumors have suggested. Liquid’s plans are to build around boom ADC star Edward “Tactical” Ra and 2020’s most valuable player Jo “CoreJJ” Yong-in moving forward.

Liquid is also eyeing FlyQuest’s Lucas “Santorin” Larsen to round out their 2021 roster, according to sources. They have not yet officially approached the jungle star.

Santorin could be the final piece of Team Liquid's emerging 2021 puzzle.
Riot Games
Santorin could be the final piece of Team Liquid’s emerging 2021 puzzle.

Liquid are in the process of overhauling their 2020 roster after a mixed reception at Worlds this year. The North American representatives travelled to Shanghai as the LCS third seed, and blew through the Play-Ins before chalking up a 3-3 record in groups to exit in 9th/12th.

In the process, Liquid beat European heavyweights G2 Esports and Worlds finalists Suning — who face Damwon Gaming this Saturday for the 2020 title — but a failure to make the quarter-finals has seen the team reshuffle the roster regardless.

Dexerto will keep you updated on all the LCS roster shuffles as the 2021 season approaches. Domestic League of Legends returns in early January.