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Riot announces new League of Legends Ultimate skin coming in 2020

Published: 11/Sep/2020 1:57

by Alan Bernal


Riot Games have announced new cosmetics for League of Legends as their 2020 lineup will now include an Ultimate skin along with designs for Singed, Aurelion Sol, Zac and Legendary Lee Sin.

The last time the Shop had a new Ultimate skin was in 2016 when Riot debuted Elementalist Lux that in itself included 10 different designs for the champion. However, Product Lead for Personalization and Events, Jonathan ‘Bellissimoh’ Belliss, has paved the way for a new entry in four years to the prestigious line.

The devs notified League fans that production goals for 2020 have been moving along well enough to create room for more designs for either neglected champs or characters with high pick-rates.


Riot Games
Aurelion Sol is also getting a new skin in the Dragonmancer theme. It looks a lot like Ao Shin, one of the original designs for the Star Forger.

Lee Sin figures into the latter, which will result in the legendary “Dragonmancer” skin apart from the Ultimate skin that Riot hopes to deliver before the year is done.

“Ultimate skins will always require extra development time to craft, create, and ship,” Bellissimoh said of the premium cosmetics. “And most importantly, all of this effort should translate to an experience that you think is best-in-class for the champion.

“With all this said, we’re happy to announce that we’re currently working on an ultimate skin that we hope to ship later this year.”

Riot didn’t say which champion would be getting the next Ultimate skin. Of their 150 characters, there’s only five who have been blessed with them, including Firepulse Ezreal, Spirit Guard Udyr, DJ Sona, Gun Goddess Misfortune, and Elementalist Lux.


Legendary Dragonmancer Lee Sin skin

Riot revealed the splash art for the next Legendary skin. Although not officially named, Riot described this character skin’s history as: “having returned from the summit as a Legendary Dragonmancer, Lee Sin now doles out thunderous punishment to villains everywhere.”

The Blind Monk will get his second Legendary skin to accompany God Fist Lee Sin that came out in 2017.

Instead of the red and gold themes of his other skin, Dragonmancer Lee Sin will don white and black along with lightning from the blue Storm Dragon

Riot Games
Lee Sin’s new Legendary skin in the upcoming Dragonmancer line.

New skins for neglected champs Singed, Zac, and more

Bellissimoh also revealed that the work Riot completed so far has given them the chance to create designs for “eight more champs who haven’t gotten skins in a while.”


This means that Anivia, Aurelion Sol, Azir, Illaoi, Ivern, Singed, Yorick, and Zac are now in line to get skins along with the rest of 2020’s slate.

Riot Games
Zac’s new League of Legends skin described as “Viktor’s latest innovation… zoophagus assault constructs (Zac).”
Riot Games
Singed’s new skin that could come to League in 2020.

The company included the splash art for Zac, Aurelion Sol, and Singed. A-Sol looks to be the Storm Dragon referred to in the upcoming Dragonmancer skin line, while Zac and Singed appear to be new entries in the Battlecast universe.

Those designs are going to contribute to Riot’s ambitions of debuting nearly “140 skin releases by the end of 2020,” capped off with the much-anticipated launch of a new Ultimate cosmetic.