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Riot want to add exclusive TFT champions in future sets

Published: 13/May/2021 5:26 Updated: 13/May/2021 6:44

by Andrew Amos


A new champion could be arriving in the TFT Convergence as an exclusive to the auto-battler. Developers have left the door open on adding TFT-only champions to the game, as well as potentially revisiting old League champions who have been reworked.

TFT revolves around the champions in League of Legends. After all, they are the units players buy, build, and win with.

As the auto-battler continues to expand, Riot wants to bring more variety to the game. New sets, like the recent Reckoning release with Shadow Items and an abundance of new units, is one way of doing that.

However, they’re also exploring the possibility of adding TFT-exclusive champions, skins, and other content to the game.


TFT Set 5 reckoning pengu keyart
Riot Games
TFT-exclusive champions could be added in the future.

Developer Matthew ‘Wittrock’ Wittrock told players on Reddit that there’s a chance the TFT team will eventually add a new champion to the game that’s exclusive to the auto-battler.

“[It’s] not off the table, but there’d have to be a really strong reason to ⁠— probably a thematic one,” he said.

There’s also the potential to collaborate with the Summoner’s Rift team on releases, perhaps even pushing an early release to the auto-battler. This integration has been floated by Riot in the past.

“We have visibility at all times on what the Champions team is cooking up and we tap into their new ideas as often as we can when it aligns well with our theme,” Fabre told Dexerto in an exclusive interview.


Viego in League of Legends
Riot Games
The TFT team works closely with the LoL team already to co-ordinate champion releases, like Viego’s entry to TFT.

Potential to bring back reworked League champions to TFT

Wittrock also explored the idea of bringing old League of Legends champions and their reworks back to life in Teamfight Tactics.

Abilities like old Urgot ultimate, or Mordekaiser’s dragon-controlling past could return in some form in TFT. However, it’s an intensive process, and the devs will need to be sure it’s worth the investment.

“When we’re designing Champion spells we’re not necessarily looking to do something exactly as they do on Summoner’s Rift; which means we’re considering things like overall thematic, past spell iterations, or mash-ups of their current kit,” Wittrock added.

Urgot's splash artLeague players called for Ravenous Hydra changes after a glitch was found with Champions like Urgot.

While Riot added Viego in TFT Set 5 ⁠— the closest to a new champion ⁠— there’s potential down the line, in a mid-Set expansion or full release, League’s latest release could be teased in TFT before it hits Summoner’s Rift, so keep your eyes peeled.