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Rick Fox's son asks for support for his dad amid Echo Fox drama

by Eli Becht
FOX Sports


Kyle Fox, Rick Fox's son, is calling for members of the esports community and Echo Fox to show their support for his dad by sending him positive messages amid the racism scandal.


Echo Fox had a deadline for removing shareholder Amit Raizada and when they didn't meet it, The League of Legends Championship Series (LCS) forced the team to sell their spot and that hasn't sat well with Rick Fox.

The former Los Angeles Lakers star has had a tumultuous 2019 ever since the news broke and his son is asking for fans to send him kind words to show they still support him.

Echo Fox were forced to sell their LCS spot.


In a post that was removed on r/LeagueOfLegends, a subreddit where fans are able to discuss the game, Kyle Fox made a long post talking about his dad's situation.

He reposted the message to Twitter where he called for fans to reach out and share any positive moments they have with Rick Fox.


"If anything my dad has done has affected you positively, or you've considering sending something nice to him, just do it," he wrote. "He checks his Twitter, he will see it. And your support means more than you will ever know."

In replies to the tweet, several fans showed screenshots confirming they have already sent some words of encouragement to the Echo Fox owner.


Echo Fox was founded back in 2015 and has since grown into a powerhouse organization with a footprint across many games, but the most notable one was League of Legends.

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    It is now well past the July 22 deadline so it seems like it is too late to salvage anything.