Rengar is getting a League of Legends Season 12 rework: details, release date

Rengar mini-rework LoL Season 11Riot Games

After a handful of false starts, Rengar’s long-awaited rework is coming to League of Legends. The changes aim to modernize the Pridestalker and bring him up to speed in the new jungle meta, while also removing some of his variance.

Rengar has been dealt a rough hand in League of Legends across the last few years. The Pridestalker has always had a dedicated player base, but he’s been missing a bit of bite due to a number of system reworks.

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He was hit especially hard at the start of Season 12 with the addition of Chemtech Drake ⁠— although Riot fixed that quickly by buffing him, and then just straight up removing the dragon.

He’s still struggling with a 46.50% win rate at all ranks in his preferred jungle role though. However, The Pridestalker has been finding more success in the top lane than the jungle nowadays, with win rates nearing 50%.

After promises of a rework in Season 11, Riot are finally delivering in League of Legends patch 12.6 with a Rengar rework that focuses on “positive changes” only.

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Riot Games
Rengar is being opened up to all players with some long-awaited League of Legends changes.

Developer ‘Phlox’ broke down the buffs, which are targeting every ability but Rengar’s W, Battle Roar. His passive is now more forgiving, with the falloff timer for Ferocity increased. This should make his ganks a bit more effective.

His Q will now always be a critical strike, with increased damage scaling on his crit chance. This means the Pridestalker doesn’t need to try and hit 100% crit chance every game, although items like Infinity Edge are still strong. Plus, it will now proc on towers, which significantly increases his siege power as a top laner once he hits Essence Reaver.

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“The Q crit changes are so that when playing low crit chance Rengar you’re not just yolo hoping for a crit to be successful, and left out to dry if you don’t get that 20/40%,” Phlox stated.

Bola Strike, his E, will no longer have a cast time while leaping and will reveal enemies hit for two seconds. If you hit a Bola Strike on a target in a bush or over a wall, you’ll now be able to follow up more easily.

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Finally, the reveal on his ultimate, Thrill of the Hunt, will include a small area around your target so you can make better choices about leaping in.

“Rengar has some pretty awkward mechanics right now especially with W and Passive. I think W not flowing into any assassination combo is a definite feels bad for a lot of his builds,” Phlox admitted.

“I settled on making sure I could get something out there that would make Rengar feel better to play rather than just keep sitting here hoping to find time to try to get some magical version of the character that might or might not actually be more fun.”

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The Rengar changes will go live as part of League of Legends patch 12.6 on March 30. Major Zeri nerfs and an overhaul to sustain mechanics are also expected.