Renekton just had one of the worst days in competitive LoL history

Renekton worst day competitive LoLRiot Games

Renekton is a very controversial champion. After years and years of nerfs, teams still prioritize him. But, even after some recent buffs to push him back into the meta, Renekton just had one of the worst days in competitive LoL history.

There’s a lot of power in comfort picks when it comes to League of Legends. A champion like Gnar will always be relevant due to how long he’s been a meta champion in pro play, and Renekton is much the same.

Meta and individual strength as a champion is one thing, but comfort is another. There’s a lot of value in being well-practiced on a particular character.

Renekton is one such character. Years worth of dominating the meta have left many top laners (and even a few mid laners) very familiar with Renekton’s kit.

However, it’s possible that Renekton is too inconsistent to prioritize in draft. Despite being played a lot on the day of August 20, 2022, it was also one of the worst individual days for any single champion in competitive LoL history.

There are times where individual teams collapse, or where a certain player has a particularly rough performance. Everyone has off days. It happens.

However, Renekton’s unbelievably one-sided losses across multiple regions have cost multiple teams some crucial matches in spectacular fashion.

Example 1: KaBuM Esports’ Parang

Losing is one thing. Going 0-14 is another.

Our first example is from KaBuM esports’ Parang. His full-damage lethality Renekton build didn’t pay off in this game.

Despite losing early on, Parang committed to his damage-oriented build and did his best to try and have some sort of influence on the game. Unfortunately for KBM, Parang wasn’t able to be all that useful.

With how well the rest of his team was doing, it’s safe to say Parang was a real detriment to KBM’s chances of winning this game. They lost this Best of 5 set 1-3 against RED Canid’s, CBLOL’s 2022 MSI representative.

Example 2: FlyQuest’s Philip

Next up is FlyQuest’s Philip, who, after having a great Aatrox performance against Bwipo in Game 1, ended Game 2 against Team Liquid with a 0-7-0 slashline.

Looking at the scoreboard, he was at a 21 CS deficit in a matchup Renekton should win early. Once a champion like Renekton gets set back early, he has a very difficult time getting back into the game.

Philip wasn’t able to replicate his Game 1 performance through the rest of the set, and this unfortunate Renekton game signaled his downward spiral through the rest of their set against Team Liquid.

While Team Liquid’s Bwipo was able to make Renekton work in Game 3 of this set, Philip’s tragic 0-7 game made it apparent just how risky locking Renekton can be.

Example 3: Liiv Sandbox’s Dove

Finally, we have to talk about Liiv SANDBOX. In their playoffs set against GenG, Renekton was a high priority for every game of this set. After banning it in Game 1, LSB’s Dove picked Renekton top lane in the other 3 games of the series.

And, while Dove did have one good match, Games 2 and 4 of the set were borderline cataclysmic.

Esteemed analyst and staunch Renekton hater LS weighed in on Liiv SANDBOX’s drafting as the set went on.

Ignoring top lane, Liiv Sandbox seemed to be doing pretty well in Game 2. But Dove getting repeatedly punished by GenG Peanut’s Wukong put him in a really bad spot. Dove ended Game 2 with a 0/9 score and arguably lost the game for his team.

So Liiv SANDBOX ran Renekton back again in both Games 3 and 4. Game 3 looked alright, but Game 4 went about as well as Game 2 did.

It’s hard to say why Liiv SANDBOX valued Renekton so heavily, but it certainly didn’t pay off. While this set put them out of Playoffs contention, they still have a shot at stamping their ticket to Worlds in the Regional Finals.

While Renekton had a particularly rough day across multiple regions, Renekton being an inconsistent and risky champion isn’t a new concept.

Perkz had a rather infamous Renekton game when he was on Cloud9, having gone 0/7/0 back in 2021 and putting out a performance he’ll likely never live down.

Maybe Perkz was right about Renekton not being his champ, but, if we’re going off of his spotty record across the last few years, this champion is rarely worth the risk.

Renekton does have value as a champion, but he looks absolutely terrible from behind. After having ruined 3 different Playoff sets across 3 different regions in a single day, it’s hard to argue that Renekton is worth picking over better, more consistent top or mid lane options.