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Rek’Sai exploit makes it impossible to survive infamous League jungler

Published: 17/Apr/2022 1:54

by Alan Bernal


A game-breaking League of Legends exploit can give Rek’Sai a one-hit kill that’s impossible to defend against, raising calls for Riot to fix the issue.

League clips have been circulating of The Void Burrower taking out three opponents in the blink of an eye or insta-killing the Baron without much risk of being low level or having items to take it down.

It’s believed that this has to do with the use of a script that’s disrupting how League registers damage after the champ burrows/unburrows (W) and it’s paying huge dividends for cheaters.

In any case, players have been vocalizing their discontent with the exploit, seeing as it’s affecting more Ranked games and costing players ELO.


Rek’Sai bug giving instakills in League

League players have been pleading with Riot Games support on Twitter to take notice of an issue with Rek’Sai, with some outright saying the company should disable the champ.

“Rek’sai W damage is being exploited intentionally on ranked games,” one user said. “Please disable the champion and fix it and ban the offenders. The player was lvl 4 and insta-killed the dragon using W.”

Whether it’s neutral monsters or opposing players, the exploit can be a threat for anything Rek’Sai can attack.

“Rek’sai comes out of Burrow and just erases the health bar of whatever he comes into contact with,” another player said. “In the damage charts during death screen, it has no damage but whatever ability he touched it with, in this video during the death screen recap it said I took 45 damage from him.”


Moreover, other clips also show the same exploit working to heal allies at a rapid pace, breaking the game on two different fronts that need swift action.

Multiple people have tried to raise the issue with Riot Support but the devs have yet to respond to bug as players await a possible fix.