Rekkles under fire for allegedly being “problematic” to work with


Allegations made by former Kcorp coach Striker claim that Rekkles would bail on scrim blocks and get-togethers with the team, and that higher-ups at Kcorp confronted the LoL pro about his behavior.

Martin ‘Rekkles’ Larrson is one of the most accomplished and recognizable LoL pros in the West. His duration with Fnatic cemented him as an all-time great in the game, even if the years that would follow saw him embroiled in controversy and unable to perform at his peak.

While Kcorp haven’t had any public-facing complaints about Rekkles’ time on their LFL roster, former coach Striker has made a number of allegations related to his conduct while playing on the team.

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These included bailing on scrim blocks and purposely avoiding spending time with the team, behavior that Striker termed as “problematic” when talking about Kcorp’s sale of the player.

Rekkles gets called out for “problematic” behavior

Rekkles being signed to Kcorp was celebrated by the French LoL community but may have also been a side effect of contract woes with G2 keeping the player from getting onto another LEC team. At least, that’s how it went according to Rekkles himself.

However, a set of allegations from former Kcorp coach Striker has added yet another layer to the controversy surrounding Rekkles’ time outside the LEC.

The allegations included that Rekkles disrespected other people within Kcorp, refused to join the team for dinner because a “cab wasn’t there” waiting for him at the airport, and that he had at least one occasion where he turned down scrims.

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A Kcorp fan went out of their way to dig up an old clip where Jesiz, someone who worked with Rekkles in the past, claimed that he “scrimmed from his room and didn’t really want to be part of the team”.

Rekkles has yet to respond to these allegations and is set to be the starting ADC for Fnatic going into the 2023 season.