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Pokimane defends TSM Leena following Doublelift re-sign criticism

Published: 4/May/2020 20:32 Updated: 4/May/2020 20:38

by Brent Koepp


Twitch star Imane ‘Pokimane’ Anys defended Team SoloMid President Leena Xu during the May 3 OfflineTV podcast, amid the drama surrounding her boyfriend Yiliang ‘Doublelift’ Peng resigning with TSM.

In April, drama swirled around Doublelift’s return to Team SoloMid, after critics accused the League of Legends pro of re-joining for his girlfriend who runs the popular organization.

However, on May 3, Leena opened up about the criticism on the Offline TV podcast, and revealed her thoughts on the publicized re-sign. During the segment, Twitch star Pokimane defended the couple, arguing the complaints don’t add up.

Pokimane defends TSM Leena

The TSM President sat down with OfflineTV crew members Pokimane, Fedmyster, and DisguisedToast to discuss a variety of topics, including the recent controversy surrounding her boyfriend Doublelift.

Pokimane questioned critics, stating, “The thing that bothers me the most is, as you said, people seem to have like a massive problem with it now, but they didn’t care at all for the last half of year.”

The popular streamer argued that there would be less conflict of interest with the couple being on the same team. “Which I think is kind of odd, because if anything there would have been way more conflict of interest if he was on another team, as opposed to you being on the same team,” she continued.

(Timestamp 11:33 for mobile users.)

Leena and Peng have received criticism from various members of the League of Legends scene, such as Cloud9 content creator Christopher ‘MonteCristo’ Mykles. The former caster hit out at the TSM president for going on the OfflineTV podcast.

“Corporate executives recuse themselves from conflicts of interest, they don’t go on streamer house podcasts with their friends and throw a straw man pity party,” he tweeted out on May 4.

Despite the accusations, Doublelift vehemently denied them in a vlog uploaded on April 26. Explaining his decision, he exclaimed “If Leena wasn’t on TSM, would I join TSM? Absolutely, yes. I joined because the roster is really good, because the org is super hyped.”

Regardless of how one feels about the trade, one person in their corner is popular streamer Pokimane. The Twitch star boasts over 4.2 million followers to her channel, and is a major presence on the platform.

Doublelift’s move comes fresh off the heels of four consecutive LCS titles with Team Liquid. The 26-year-old had previously been with TSM from 2015-2017, and will return to play with friends Soren ‘Bjergsen’ Bjerg and Vincent ‘Biofrost’ Wang.


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Rell nerfs on League patch 11.3 makes Iron Maiden less tanky

Published: 24/Jan/2021 7:02

by Andrew Amos


Rell is getting a hefty set of nerfs in League of Legends patch 11.3 to make the Iron Maiden less tanky. However, they could have a knock-on effect, where full AP Rell takes over the meta.

Rell has been a rather interesting addition to the League of Legends roster. The first champion in preseason 11 struggled to find her way into the meta at the start, but then has exploded as a power pick in recent patches.

Now, Riot are toning her back. Her utility is just a little bit too strong to justify some of her damage values ⁠— at least in her base kit.

Battle Queen Rell in League of Legends
Riot Games
Rell is getting some nerfs in League patch 11.3.

The current changes on the League of Legends PBE include nerfs to her W shield, while buffing its damage ratio. Her E is getting nerfed all around ⁠— damage and resistances. Her R, on the other hand, is getting an AP ratio buff.

The changes have led to a mixed response from the community. While Rell mains feel like Riot are trying to streamline her into just maxing Q, Riot are trying to just nerf the rest of her kit to be more in line with her Q, rather than risk increasing her already high win-rate before.

“The goal of the change-list is to very slightly nerf her, and also skew her slightly back towards Q max being correct by weakening the durability gained with each W point. The AP ratios are mostly just extra and aren’t much power at all unless going Shurelya’s,” developer Ray Yonggi said.

“It’s not because we want them to specifically have more damage, it’s because we want all 4 abilities to feel like they are pulling their weight, and unfortunately Q doesn’t feel like it when it’s not maxed.”

However, the increase of AP ratios ⁠— including an extra 40% AP on her ultimate ⁠— have players weary of the potential of full AP Rell. With 110% AP on her ultimate, as well as 60% AP on her Q, she could nuke enemies with a full AP build.


Riot are still tinkering with the buffs, but they’re trying to make sure Rell stays true to her tank identity ⁠— just with a little bit less power right off the bat.

“Basic idea around the Q thing was that Q feels really wimpy if not maxed, but W feels effective no matter what, so the character can feel more punchy if Q max was what people did more often, as it increases the damage and healing per point,” Yonggi added.

The Rell changes are expected to go through with League patch 11.3, penned in for February 3.