Perkz explains why Fnatic winning LEC would make Europe “the worst it’s ever been”

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Team Vitality’s League of Legends star Luka ‘Perkz’ Perkovic explained why he believes fellow LEC playoff team Fnatic are “overrated,” and how Fnatic winning the LEC spit would spell doom for the region.

Team Vitality snuck into the LEC playoffs on the last day of Spring 2022 split with a 9-9 record, good enough for a sixth placement.

The squad managed to turn around an 0-3 start to the season and convert it into a playoff birth.

While the record wasn’t ideal after the team’s high hopes in the preseason, they now have a chance to go for glory.

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Riot Games
Perkz joined Team Vitality after spending 2021 with Cloud9.

Perkz says Fnatic is “overrated”

Perkz was streaming on March 19 when he expanded on his thoughts of opponent Fnatic’s potential to win the LEC.

“I think that Fnatic is overrated, personally. I don’t think Fnatic is good at all. They have been inting scrims for two months now.”

He continued to hit out at Fnatic, “If Fnatic win actually wins this split, I will actually confirm that scrims are useless. I refuse to believe they will win this split. They are for sure a completely different team in scrims than on stage, but it’s just disgusting if they actually manage to win it.”

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He finished his thoughts on Fnatic saying their potential victory could be bad for Europe overall, “If Fnatic manages to win this split, then I think EU is at the worst it’s ever been.”

Fnatic went 13-5 during the Spring split to claim the second-place at the top of the table. The storied LEC team made massive roster changes in the offseason to remold the team, letting go of Bwipo and adding Wunder, Razor, and Humanoid.

While the moves proved to work in the regular season, from what Perkz has seen in practice matches, he isn’t convinced they have what it takes to win it all.

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