League pentakill against Akshan goes viral and shows why passive revive is “broken”

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League of Legends’ newest champ Akshan is swinging around Summoner’s Rift. What makes this champ unique is his passive ability that can revive fallen champs. This player thought he got the game-winning Penta Kill, but the Rogue Sentinel had other ideas. 

Riot is constantly working on adding new champions to the league universe each with their own unique style of play to help innovate the game.

With patch 11.15 Riot introduced the 156th champ to the league world, Akshan is all about positioning and striking at the right time.

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On his W’s passive, he will mark an enemy as a Scoundrel if they take down one of his teammates. If the Rogue Sentinel gets a takedown on a Scoundrel then everyone killed by that champ is instantly revived creating some insane clips.

Cyberpop Akshan LoLRiot Games
Akshan in Riots 156th champ in League of Legends that plays off stealth and positioning to help his team.

Akshan saves team from Penta Kill disaster

Since the release of this champ, players have been waiting to see Akshan pull off some sick plays and revive teammates after losing a fight.

This viral clip on Reddit posted by ‘SnooCompliments7054’ shows just how busted this passive can be after securing what seemed to be a game-ending Penta Kill.

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After this Kindred was able to take down four enemies all that stood between him and the nexus was Akshan which the player decided to “fountain dive” to secure the Penta.

Unfortunately, Akshan was able to pick up the kill and revive everyone on his team. So instead of ending the game, the team was forced to continue fighting which they lost.

The enemy team picked up the ace and walked right into the base securing the win all thanks to the Akshan passive ability. Even though some people refer to his revive ability and “overpower” or “broken”, he lacks other tools such as range and high DPS that other champs in the game have. We’ll have to wait until next season to see if professional players feel the same way.

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