OneTeam announces unprecedented partnership with LCSPA

OneTeam Announces Unprecedented Partnership with LCSPARiot Games / LCSPA

OneTeam and the LCS Players Association have announced a multi-year partnership that will work to market and manage all 100 players in the league.

The LCSPA was established in 2017 by current players as a way for them to provide counsel, programs, information, and support for themselves.

A partnership group that helps these unions, OneTeam, has success doing this as they’ve teamed up with professional sports leagues like the NFLPA, MLBPA, WNBPA, and more.

Now, the group is moving into esports as they will be working with the LCSPA to help improve the player rights and market them to the public.

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OneTeam and LCSPA partner up in historic deal

In one of the most historic announcements in esports history, the LCSPA tweeted out their official deal to work with OneTeam to create revenue and rights for the players.

They have entered a “multi-year partnership with OneTeam who will assist the LCSPA in becoming a sustainable and independent player organization.”  This is a giant step for the LCS players and one that has not been seen before in esports.

OneTeam works with player associations to increase their name, image, and likeness (NIL) outside of the game. They also help the players build connections with possible sponsorships and endorsements deals. This will affect all 100 players between LCS and Academy.

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As outlined in a blog post, fans can expect to see some new content and items coming out of their favorite LCS players: “This Group Rights program and partnership with OneTeam means our players on trading cards, collectibles, and beyond.”

LCSRiot Games
OneTime will work with LCS players to market and manage them.

It’s been five years since the LCSPA was founded and they have already accomplished things like Champions Queue, and a contract database. This partnership is set to bring even more to the future of North American League.

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There is no timetable for how quickly things will get off and rolling but the player association is destined to do greater things with the help of OneTeam.

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