Next League of Legends champion has full kit leaked: Milio enchanter support details

milioRiot Games

Milio, the newest support enchanter coming to League of Legends has had their kit and abilities leaked early via a Chinese media sharing site.

League of Legends’ newest support champion has been teased by Riot for quite some time now, with the developers dropping little tidbits of information about the Ixtal enchanter coming to the game.

Riot has recently fully revealed Milio via a tweet and has shared more lore about the character and his little flame buddies.

It appears, however, that someone was able to leak Milio’s abilities earlier than intended, gaining a preview of what the enchanter might play like in-game, as well as some details on their abilities. Known leaker BigBadBear was able to share more details via a video they shared.

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Milio’s Leaked Ability Details

Milio Q Ability

Milio’s Q ability looks to be his bread-and-butter poke and CC ability. Milio launches one of his fire friends forward. When it hits an enemy, it creates a small area that stuns in the center, whilst slowing nearby enemies.

This ability has been compared to a smaller version of Leona’s ultimate ability and should allow Milio to peel off divers while also giving him the capability to poke in lane.

Milio W Ability

Milio’s W is easily the most unique aspect of his kit, and would most likely be the reason to play the enchanter. Milio’s W creates a field on the ground, allies standing in it gain movement and attack speed. The field also provides bonus attack range as well to anyone in the field. The field will also follow allies around similar to a Viktor ultimate.

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This is an incredibly potent ability as the buffs Milio’s W provides can really push the limits of certain ADCs such as Caitlyn.

Milio E Ability

Milio’s E makes him shield a nearby ally. A pretty simple ability with a fast cast that allows good Milio’s to block damage with good enough reactions.

Milio R Ability

Milio’s Ultimate is an incredibly powerful counter-engage tool. Milio instantly cleanses and heals all allies in a large AOE range around him.

This cleanse is like QSS, and will cleanse debuffs like suppression and Urgot’s ult.

While that’s a full rundown according to the leaks, be sure to take this information with a grain of salt until it’s all approved by Riot in the coming days.

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