New League of Legends Zac build lets you one-shot enemy teams

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League of Legends resident goop champion Zac went viral recently after YouTuber ‘Wolfious’ made a video building him out with full damage items.

Zac has been a beloved League of Legends champion since his release back in 2013. His kit is quite unique, with the ability to fling his gooey body across Summoner’s Rift and slam it into unsuspecting foes.

Typically, Zac builds tank items so he can survive in team fights. However, YouTuber Wolfious made a video recently showing off just how strong Zac is when built with full damage-dealing items.

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Zac one-shot build

Wolfious’ new video on Zac shows off how Zac can be turned into Fiddlesticks, and kill enemies very easily by building full AP items. The items he likes to build are the Night Harvester Mythic, as it applies extra damage, as well as grants brief movement speed. He also builds Sorcerer’s Shoes and Rabadon’s Deathcap to give himself as much damage as possible.

Taking the Dark Harvest rune from the Domination tree allows you to deal extra damage to low-health enemy champions, helping you land the killing bounce on them.

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He does admit that building full-AP Zac isn’t the best for every match and that you’ll have to adapt to each as needed. While it’s not always optimal, it is certainly more fun, and the results are always hilarious.

Since Zac is typically a tank champion, enemies won’t suspect you to deal the insane amounts of damage that AP Zac deals, catching them off guard.

Although you may get killed quickly with this new build, it’s always fun to bounce on top of your enemies watching their health bars evaporate. Just be prepared to be flamed by your team.

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