New League of Legends feature will allow players to hide rank & match history

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Riot Games has implemented a new private profile feature that allows players to hide their gameplay stats, match history, and rank that they are currently testing before it hits live servers.

League of Legends has added multiple changes to penalties for dodging solo queue matches, attempting to punish those who actively manipulate the matchmaking formula. Those who often dodge matches typically research their teammates and their stats, deeming if they are worthy teammates before entering a game.

Now, a new feature has been introduced on the Public Beta-Environment for League that gives players more privacy options than ever before to limit their publicly available statistics.

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League of Legends Season 12 is fast approaching.

League’s new Private Profile option

The feature, which now appears above the “Low Spec Mode” option in the General tab to those with Beta access, is a new box to tick with the title “Make my profile private.”

The option reads as follows, “Enabling this will prevent other players from seeing your rank, match history, and gameplay stats, as well as spectate your games. Your summoner name, icon and level are always public.”

According to ThePotatoWard, the private profile option looks to hit live servers with patch 11.23.

As of now, it is unclear if enabling this feature will remove players’ stats from being public entirely. Many LoL players rely on third-party websites and apps like Porofessor and to see their teammate’s match history.

Riot Games has slowly been attempting to punish players more and more who overtly use dodging matches to climb solo queue, and allowing players more privacy options could be the next step in that plan.