New League of Legends drama series in the works from legendary martial arts director

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A new League of Legends esports drama series based on the Chinese LPL scene is currently in the works, with legendary martial arts director Zhang Yi-Mou heading the project. 

When Arcane, the TV series based on the lore of League of Legends, first released, it came out to uproaring praise from critics and audiences alike. The fresh take on LoL’s lore was praised for its new look into the game’s story and its excellent animations. 

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And now LoL fans are being treated to yet another new series, but it is a much different affair than Arcane. 

A new League show will be headed by legendary martial arts director, Zhang Yi-Mou, who has directed films such as The House of Flying Daggers. 

In a recent press conference, he announced he will be directing and producing a TV series based on League’s esports scene. Most likely centering around China’s LoL circuit, the LPL. 

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In a translation of the press conference, he said he wanted to make something “very different” in comparison to his other projects, and it would be “targeted at younger audiences”. He even added that his grandkids are League players. 

According to a press release, the show will have 40 episodes, each running for 45 minutes. The plot of the show will center around Bai Yang, who “soul swapped” with an esports star, Ma Da, of whom he is a fan. 

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It’s worth bearing in mind, however, that this show appears to be targeted towards League’s Chinese player base directly. Thus, it’s uncertain if English-speaking fans can expect a translated version anytime soon. And there have been previous successes in Chinese drama revolving around esports, such as The King’s Avatar.

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