Nemesis calls out League Season 12’s “crazy” high-damage meta

nemesisNemesis/Riot Games

Former League of Legends pro player Tim ‘Nemesis’ Lipovšek took aim at the game’s power creep over the years and said, “It is crazy how much damage there is in the game now compared to old seasons.”

Power creep in League of Legends has been a widely debated topic amongst the LoL community.

The discussion about the insane amounts of damage in League has been widespread enough that Riot Games themselves recognized the issue, and said not to expect massive changes coming anytime soon.

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Twitch streamer Nemesis hit out at League’s power creep issue by showing a clip from the MOBA years ago, when overall damage output was much different.

Goth Annie in League of Legends Season 12.Riot Games
League of Legends Season 12 started on January 7.

Nemesis on League’s power creep

The streamer was live on January 14 when he pulled up a video from years ago to demonstrate his point about power creep.

In the clip, a Veigar player is about to engage against Olaf in a 1 vs 1. “If this is me on Viegar right now, in Season 12, and this Olaf walks into me, I’m dead. I’m literally f**king dead.”

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“Look, he has Steraks and Black Clever, with the same items (now) I’d be so dead immediately. But look, he’s dealing no damage. Which is my point that it’s crazy how much damage there is in the game now compared to old seasons.”

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The clip from Nemesis’ stream was shared to the LoL subreddit where it instantly shot up to the number one post.

Fans in the comment section shared their thoughts on the increased damage introduced to League over the last few years. One player said, “If you can’t one-shot an AD bruiser or ADC, they instantly heal to full. Healing is so insane damage has to be insane. I just want to be able to play a tank and not just be a potion for a bruiser.”

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This comment harkens on what Doublelift called out in October 2021 as League’s biggest issue, which he saw as the insane amounts of damage and healing.

At the time he said, “If I was to sum up the problem with League right now, the game is so delicately balanced. And it’s balanced around the fact that you can die instantly, and you can vamp back to full instantly.”

With all the changes and new champions League has received, a clip from just a few seasons ago can look completely alien to new players.

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