Nasus changes on League Patch 10.7 PBE turn him into unstoppable giant

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Nasus is set to receive some love in League of Legends Patch 10.7, but don’t feed him too many treats (see: stacks) if you want him to be a timid dog, as once he hits the late game, he will be an unstoppable giant on the Rift.

Nasus has been struggling in League of Legends. All the top laner wants to do is farm stacks in the top lane and run into teamfights, terrorizing enemy carries with his obnoxious Wither slow.

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The Egyptian powerhouse has fallen further and further out of favor as new champions have come out though, leaving mains of the champion feeling a bit neglected. In Patch 10.7, however, Nasus mains might be able to fight back with some pretty insane buffs on the way for the Curator of the Sands.

Infernal Nasus splash art for League of LegendsRiot Games
Nasus is going to turn into one big boy if his Patch 10.7 changes go through.

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The buffs, which are currently active on the PBE, look to tie in more synergy between Nasus’ Q, Syphoning Strike, and the rest of his kit. Instead of just gaining extra Q damage every time he gets a stack, he will also get new bonuses across his other abilities.

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His W, Wither, will now get a cast range increase for every 35 stacks of Siphoning Strike. With a base range of 600, and a bonus of 200 capped at 700 stacks, Nasus can cast Wither up to 800 units away during the late game.

This is long enough to reach every single AD carry in the game in a teamfight ⁠— except for a Twitch with ultimate active, who has a range of 850 ⁠— which will force more champions to pay the QSS tax if they have to play against Nasus.

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Riot Games
The changes to Nasus’ W on Patch 10.7 are an AD carry’s worst nightmare.

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On top of that, a buff to his R, Fury of the Sands, will increase his model and AoE size by 5% every 100 stacks of Q. With Nasus players averaging upwards of 400 stacks a game, the Curator of the Sands will become one big boy in the late game.

Just to show off how crazy these changes can be, Redditor ‘BobTheWhaler’ tried to get as many stacks as possible. After getting 8.1k stacks and popping an Elixir of Iron, he showed off Nasus’ ultimate form, complete with excessive damage.

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It was impossible to fit the entire champion in frame, growing to become something Cho’Gath’s around Runeterra could only aspire to be. While this is a bit overkill compared to what Nasus players should expect in the late game, it’s funny to see how these changes work.

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If nothing changes on the Patch 10.7 PBE cycle, these changes will be shipped to the live League of Legends servers on April 1.

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It might seem like an April Fool’s joke, but for Nasus, who has been out of favor for some time, these changes might make him a bit more viable in the top lane.

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