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Most popular TFT champions & items from Galaxies Set revealed

Published: 19/Sep/2020 18:35

by Daniel Cleary


Riot Games has revealed a list of the most popular champions, items, and traits from Teamfight Tactics’ Galaxies Set in their latest installment of Ask Riot.

The fourth set of Teamfight Tactics, Fates, has finally arrived in patch 10.19, and players have a brand new set of champions and traits to master in-game.

However, with plenty of new content in TFT: Fates to explore, the devs revealed the most popular champions, items, and traits that worked well in the Galaxies Set.

During the latest ‘Ask Riot’ blog post on September 18, TFT Insights Analyst Riot Benobo shared a full list of stats highlighting just which picks players would opt for.


tft fates set 4 art
Riot Games
Teamfight Tactics: Fates is live, following the 10.19 patch!

Most popular TFT Traits

As for Traits and Classes in Set 3, Benobo revealed that the most popular individual traits were “2-Chrono and Mercenary,” before later switching to “2-Chrono and 2-Vanguard” after the major mid-Set update.

As for 6-piece traits, TFT players settled on the 6-Blademaster strat to win their games, and finally for 9-piece traits, full Dark Star and full Star Guardian compositions reigned supreme in Galaxies.

cosmic yi splash art
Riot Games
Blademasters were also a popular trait in TFT Galaxies.

Most popular TFT Champions

While smart Teamfight comps are what win you matches in Teamfight Tactics, individual champions can play a huge role in getting you ahead.

Unsurprisingly, Ashe and Wukong have remained as two of the most popular picks throughout TFT Galaxies, as they fit in well with multiple meta comps, throughout the third Set.


You can find the full list of popular TFT champions by gold cost below.

Before Galaxies mid-set update

  • 1 Gold: Malphite
  • 2 Gold: Blitzcrank, Shen
  • 3 Gold: Ashe, Vi, Ezreal
  • 4 Gold: Wukong, Kayle
  • 5 Gold: Miss Fortune

After Galaxies mid-set update

  • 1 Gold: Jarvan IV
  • 2 Gold: Rakan
  • 3 Gold: Ashe, Jayce
  • 4 Gold: Wukong
  • 5 Gold: Gangplank and Thresh
Wukong's radian skin splash art in League of legends
Riot Games
Wukong and Ashe were two of the most popular champs in Galaxies.

Most popular TFT Items

As for items in the Galaxies Set, Infinity Edge and Guardian’s Angel were by far the most popular items over the course of the TFT season.

The battle for third place saw Guinsoo’s Rageblade get a lot of use early on, particularly with Kayle, however, Seraph’s Embrace took over the second half of the Set after The Winged Protector, and other Valkyries, were removed from the game.

However, despite being the most popular items, there were others such as Red Buff, Morellonomicon, Ionic Spark, and more, that had a much higher win rate in Galaxies.


Riot will continue to monitor popular sets in Fates to see which champs & items players gravitate to this season, however, with the Set only getting underway, there will likely be plenty of new tactics that have yet to be discovered.