MonteCristo slams “garbage” League of Legends Worlds format

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In the latest episode of ‘The Jungle’, host Christopher ‘MonteCristo’ Mykles declared that the Worlds format is “garbage” and argued that Riot should fire the advocates of Worlds’ current single-elimination bracket.

The debate about the Worlds format rages on.

MonteCristo, one of the most outspoken figures in esports, has once again advocated for a change to the Worlds format.

Sharing his thoughts on ‘The Jungle’, the Dexerto-produced Worlds show Monte co-hosts with Christian ‘IWillDominate’ Rivera and Daniel ‘dGon’ Gonzales, the iconic caster slammed the current format and called upon Riot to fire any staff members who have helped maintain single-elimination in League of Legends’ biggest tournament.

The Summoner's Cup in an arena
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Monte took aim at the format of Worlds in the latest episode of ‘The Jungle’

Why doesn’t Worlds have double-elimination?

“I rail against it [single-elimination at Worlds] for yet another year of my life, wondering why I have been denied actual good League of Legends at the World Championship so many times,” Monte said.

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The issue of the Worlds format is one that has once again reared its head during the 2021 edition of the tournament.

Fans have grown increasingly tired of Worlds’ current single-elimination format. One post on Reddit proposing a theoretical bracket for World 2021 based on the format of TI 10 has gained nearly 5000 upvotes. In the past week, there have been multiple posts on League of Legends’ subreddit discussing the Worlds format.

The biggest change fans want to see is the implementation of double-elimination for the playoff stage of Worlds. It is a format widely used across regional leagues but that hasn’t come to Worlds yet.

“Double elimination ensures that the best team wins Worlds,” Monte explained.

Riot has maintained largely the same format across the first 11 editions of Worlds. The last major change to the tournament format was in 2017, when they introduced the Play-In stage.

Fenerbache 1907 at Worlds 2017
Riot Games
Play-Ins were introduced in 2017 to open Worlds to smaller regions

“They haven’t learned from 10 f*cking years of their garbage format,” Monte said. “I don’t understand how Riot can run double-elimination in domestic playoffs but can’t apply that same concept to the World Championship.

“I think the most egregious thing is that if they do change it, they should f*cking apologize to everybody for having a garbage format. But the way that they will position it in terms of PR is, look at this great idea we had. And it’s like, no people have been telling you to do this ten years, please fire the people who have been making these decisions.”

League of Legends fans have made their desires clear. However, the final decision will always lie with Riot.

You can catch every episode of ‘The Jungle’ on Dexerto’s League of Legends Youtube channel.