Mizkif hilariously roasted by 14-year-old League player after trash-talk goes wrong

mizkif-roasted-league-of-legendsRiot Games / Twitch: Mizkif

Mizkif was left speechless after a 14-year-old League of Legends player savagely roasted him over the viral TikTok clip of him getting schooled by Emiru in a Super Mario 64 speedrun.

Mizkif is no stranger to hilariously cracking jokes at his friend’s expense. Look no further than when he roasted Rachell ‘Valkyrae’ Hofstetter over the RFLCT skincare line drama. It was all in good fun, though.

However, sometimes he’s the butt of the joke, too. Corinna Kopf, PokimaneShroud, and many others have all taken a friendly swipe at Miz.

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This time, though, it was a 14-year-old League player’s turn to have a dig at him.

MizkifMizkif was left speechless after the 14-year-old league player savagely roasted him.

Mizkif first encountered the spritely young player on the opposing team in a game that he won. The two of them bickered in chat the whole time and hurled insults at each other, which led to the player revealing his age.

He matched up against the kid again in the following game, and they let loose. “You talked so much sh*t,” said Mizkif. “Ready to lose again? Shake hands in the middle.” He also flexed the fact he founded One True King.

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However, the League player was having none of it. He clapped back at him with a savage roast. “Wait. You’re the TikToker?” he said. “From Mario, and your girlfriend is beating your ass? Damn. I am fighting you?”

The incident he’s referring to is Mizkif’s viral TikTok video of him getting schooled by Emiru in a Super Mario 64 speedrun. Mizkif was all out of options at that point. He swallowed his pride and called the kid a “little b*tch.”

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To make matters worse, Mizkif and had a heated one versus one battle against the kid in the midlane, which he lost.

So, he came out worse for wear on all counts in the end. But if it’s any consolation, he is, in fact, still the owner of an organization. That is, of course, until Shroud buys him out and fires him.

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