Mind-blowing Damwon Kia play helps LCK team bounce back from guaranteed defeat

Damwon Kia and Riot Games

Canyon’s insane insect on Lee Sin took the game back into Damwon’s hands, allowing them to close the series out 2-0 against Kwangdong Freecs in what otherwise could have been a very close series.

Every League Esports viewer knows Lee Sin is a god-tier jungler for mechanically gifted players. And in a recent game against Kwangdong Freecs during the LCK Summer split, Kim ‘Canyon’ Geon-bu showcased this sentiment perfectly.

The score was 12-10 in favor of KDF. Damwon was forced into their base after the opposing team took Baron — with one Nexus Tower down and only a single inhibitor left standing.

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During what should have been a game concluding fight for KDF, Canyon’s Lee Sin created a miracle play. Throwing out his Q, Lee sin followed up by safeguarding to a ward, then dove past the enemy front line. All the while kicking the enemy Sivir and delivering the ADC to his team.

This play allowed Damwon to comeback during game 2 — which by all means should have been lost at this point.

But Sivir has a spell shield to protect her — so how did Canyon manage to effectively pull off the signature insect combo?

At first glance, it’s very easy to miss. In fact, during the first viewing, it’s difficult to even see who the champion is that’s flying toward Damwon.

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Upon closer observation, during the split moment while flying, Lee Sin smites the Sivir — effectively removing the spell shield prior. This allows Lee Sin’s ultimate to connect, launching Sivir towards his allies.

The fight then spirals out of control, with Damwon coming out on top — gaining enough breathing room to come back and take the second game of the series.