Massive League of Legends ranked changes set to make gaining LP easier

Riot Games

Riot developers have confirmed that players will gain (and lose) more LP in League of Legends ranked mode on patch 13.4, with LP gained and lost per game increasing drastically.

The process of ranking up in League of Legends is often referred to as a grind. Winning enough matches to rank up can take a lot of time for players even if they aren’t losing any games at all.

For example, if we say that ranked games take 30 minutes on average (and that doesn’t include queue times and draft), winning 7 straight games and gaining 15 LP each would take almost 4 hours. Factor in losses, queue times, dodged games, remade games, and promo series to that makes ranked a massive time investment.

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On patch 13.4, Riot is changing the amount of LP you gain and lose in ranked. This means that it’ll take much less time to rank up, but also much less time to demote. Your ranked games will matter more than ever.

LP changes coming to League of Legends patch 13.4

With how much knowledge is required to be proficient at League of Legends, just getting into the game is a big enough time investment as-is. But the amount of games required for the average player to rank up and climb the ladder only makes that time investment bigger.

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So, to help make that grind a bit less daunting, LP gains and losses are being adjusted next patch. Depending on the scenario, these adjustments could make it so that strong players need one or two less games per division to rank up.

Players in the thread expressed their frustration with being stuck at a certain rank by winning just as many games as they lose. And, while these changes won’t fix that problem, getting rewarded for brief win streaks could help some players break past their hardstuck status.

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That said, some high level players have raised concerns about how this will affect the Challenger ladder. Caedrel pointed out that, for a very small percentage of high-level players at the top of the ladder, this could be an issue.

He predicts that Challenger players will hit 3k LP, which could lead to some serious issues with the way LP is calculated for players at max rank. For the majority of players, this will be a good change. But for a select few, this could create some big issues.

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