Major Anivia changes coming in League of Legends 10.6 patch

Daniel Cleary
Riot Games

League of Legends champion Anivia is set to receive major changes to her ultimate ability in the upcoming 10.6 patch.

Anivia is a champion that tends to fly under the radar in League of Legends and is not often seen in action, despite having an incredibly unique ability kit.

Fans of the Cryophoenix have been calling for the champion to receive buffs for quite a while and it seems as if Riot has finally caved in, revealing that the champion is set to undergo a change.

Riot Games
Anivia’s unique ability kit can be extremely useful in different situations.

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Anivia, which is usually played in the mid lane, is now expected to receive some major changes to her ultimate ability in patch 10.6 after Riot revealed that they were testing changes in the PBE – Public Beta Environment.

Riot developer Rob ‘KingCobra’ Rosa explained that the champion’s ultimate ability, Glacial Storm, will no longer be canceled if Anivia is hit with any type of crowd control.

This simple change could allow Anivia players to massively increase their potential damage in team fights as she is often targeted by opposing players looking to interrupt the Glacial champion’s combo.

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Anivia mains would have previously had to rely on maintaining their distance and dodging skillshots to put out a lot of damage with their ultimate, but this major change now opens up many different outplay possibilities.

Another change that was made to Anivia’s ultimate is that Frostbite applied will last the same duration as the one applied by her Q ability, adding even more of a threat to those looking to take an extended fight against the champion.

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Dignitas midlaner Henrik ‘Froggen’ Hansen, who has played a big role in popularizing the champ by playing it often on main stage, regardless of the current in-game meta, was also quite excited to see the Anivia buffs.

The Danish League of Legends star simply stated, “This is too OP,” suggesting that fans are likely to see a lot more of Anivia, both in the LCS and in Solo-Q matches, after the 10.6 update comes into effect on Wednesday, March 18.