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Macaiyla roasts Tyler1 fans for being “white knights”

Published: 13/Nov/2019 3:01 Updated: 14/Nov/2019 10:32

by Andrew Amos


The girlfriend of popular League of Legends streamer Tyler ‘Tyler1’ Steinkamp, Macaiyla, has mocked her boyfriend and his viewers after reviewing an old ban on her LoL account.

Tyler1 is infamous for his toxic attitude in League of Legends. News of his ban spread like wildfire in 2015, and his return stream in late 2017 broke records on Twitch at the time.

Macaiyla’s own ban, which she says took place over a year ago, was due to some fiery chat logs that landed her in trouble with Riot, with her account given the ultimate punishment.

After reviewing the ban on stream on November 12, she mocked boyfriend Tyler1 for receiving praise from fans despite being more toxic than her.

Macaiyla - TwitchMacaiyla has had one of her accounts banned in League, and she’s firing off at her boyfriend’s fans because of it.

While checking over the old chat logs that resulted in the account’s ban, Macaiyla laid into her boyfriend’s in-game attitude, and the fans who blindly support him claiming that he’s “reformed.”

“Tyler does this every f**king day,” she said. “Tyler literally does this all the time, spams “open, ff, open, ff,” — dogs.”

She went so far as to call Tyler1’s biggest fans “white knights” and delusional, turning a blind eye to their favorite streamer’s own toxic attitude.

“You’re such white knights, he doesn’t give a f**k about you by the way,” she said. “I love how you guys white knight him so much but he literally does this exact shit on stream. It’s crazy that you love him so much.”

Macaiyla tried to grasp why her account had been banned over one player-reported chat log, whereas there are players out there like Tyler1, who type similar messages frequently.

“It’s unbelievable that for one second of your lives that you can’t take your head out of your a** and realize that Tyler is a million times more toxic than I’ve been in so long,” she said. “You just want his c**k in your mouth so much for some reason — you just want to swallow a load of his.

“You have to understand that he does a lot of worse things than other people do in League, it’s pretty crazy.”

Why was Macaiyla banned from League of Legends?

Macaiyla’s account named ‘HYPUHS’ was banned by Riot for toxicity after “a player triggered review found [her] in-game comms extremely inflammatory and offensive.”

She was given an example of one game, where she flamed her team and asked the enemy team to “just f**king end.” She then spammed “open” in chat a number of times before the game finished.

League of Legends accounts that have been permabanned for toxicity have no avenue for appeal, which Macaiyla was attempting to do, although most players can start anew with a fresh account.

However, in extreme cases, some players get IP banned, hardware banned, or have their accounts banned on sight. This was what happened to Tyler1  Tyler1 during 2015 to 2017, which forced the prominent streamer to disappear underground and play on hidden accounts for almost two years.

Riot GamesTyler1 was once banned in League of Legends, but has since become a star of the community.

Macaiyla does have a number of other League of Legends accounts, including her Silver 3 ‘Jonnyy’ account and her level 19 ‘TylersMaid’ account.

Either way, it appears Macaiyla feels pretty hard done-by with this ban.

Update: A previous version of this article incorrectly stated that Macaiyla’s ban took place on November 12. The initial ban actually took place over a year ago, and the article has been updated to correct this error.


Charli D’Amelio under fire for complaining about 95 million followers

Published: 17/Nov/2020 0:43 Updated: 17/Nov/2020 0:44

by Virginia Glaze


TikTok queen Charli D’Amelio is known for having the most followers out of any other creator on the viral video app — but it seems that reaching less than 100 million in a year isn’t quite cutting it for the social media star.

2020 has certainly been a wildly successful year for miss D’Amelio; she surpassed longtime TikTok queen Loren Gray in March, becoming the platform’s most popular content creator in the process.

However, her winstreak wasn’t over, by far: Charli skyrocketed from 41 million followers to 99 million by November, marking an unprecedented rise to fame for just about any influencer.

Despite being on the precipice of a TikTok record, it seems that Charli was hoping to score the coveted 100 million follower mark within a year of hitting one million. However, it seems that time has passed on, leaving her craving for more time.


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She spoke about the situation during a YouTube video with makeup artist James Charles on November 16, where she appeared to jokingly complain about not reaching the coveted goal.

“I wish I had more time!” she exclaimed. “Imagine if I hit 100 mil a year after hitting a mil.”

“Was the 95 [million] not enough for you?” Charles joked.

“I was just saying like, even numbers,” Charli laughed, sticking out her tongue in the camera.

(Topic begins at 14:57)

Dixie D’Amelio attempted to quickly end the video as if on cue, with Charli following suit, marking for a humorous end to a discussion that not many viewers found all too funny.

“It’s so stuck up to act like 95 million isn’t enough,” one commenter wrote of the conversation. “She should be happy, she has her whole life set for her.”

“She deserves to be humbled, I can’t stand her,” another chimed in.

“It’s very obviously a joke on James’s part, but still, she’s more famous at 16-17 than most people will ever be in their lifetimes,” another added. “And being a famous teen can inflate your ego something fierce.”

Charles has since spoken out about the situation and clarified that his question was, indeed, just a joke — but in spite of the obvious humor, Charli’s privileged position and follower comments are leaving more than a few critics a bit burnt.