Ludwig & Tyler1 trade blows in hilarious League of Legends rant

Ludwig looking at tyler1YouTube: Ludwig / Twitch: Tyler1

After the much hyped MrBeast vs Ninja showmatch, Tyler ‘Tyler1’ Steinkamp couldn’t help but call out Ludwig ‘Ludwig’ Ahgren for being absolutely terrible at League of Legends, claiming the YouTube star would “literally lose to bots”.

Tyler1 and Ludwig were teammates as part of the mega $150,000 showmatch between internet stars Jimmy ‘MrBeast’ Donaldson and Tyler ‘Ninja’ Blevins.

However, after Team MrBeast swept the floor with Ninja and co (which included the two aforementioned), the insults started coming out.

On his stream soon after the showmatch, Tyler1 streamer insulted Ludwig’s League of Legends skills. In the Challenger superstar’s words: “if you can’t play the f**king role, or the game, then just tell us dude.”

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He then proceeds to compare Ludwig to AI, stating “this f**ker isn’t even level 30. He would literally lose to bots!”

Prior to this callout on stream, Tyler1 insulted his teammates live on stage as well, staying pretty true to character.

Ludwig did stand up to Tyler1 though despite the two’s drastically different backgrounds in League. The YouTube star acted smug, stating “I can play support. I play a mean Thresh.”

In a Twitter post, Ludwig jokingly stated “I’m a freak [for real],” while showing off some blatantly terrible stats from his gameplay. “I figured I’d donate to him to let him know how fun it was.”

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And of course, Tyler1 read the 10,000 bit sub: “Had a great time playing with you. Hope to play with you again sometime.”

Tyler1 cracks a smile, which he attempts to hide with his brash language: “Go f**k yourself.” He continues his insult barrage, but finishes off by stating “thanks for the 10k bit sub.”

As a 6 foot 5 alpha super hero, Tyler1 is a top tier entertainer. And Ludwig seems to enjoy the verbal lashing, with both seemingly genuinely having fun interacting with each other.