LS claims Cloud9’s Berserker lost passport & Visa ahead of LCS Summer Split

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C9 AD Carry Berserker
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In a livestream, content creator and former Cloud9 LCS coach Nick ‘LS’ De Cesare revealed that C9 AD Carry Kim ‘Berkserker’ Mincheol had lost his passport – and with it, his US Visa.

Cloud9 went through significant roster changes in the 2022 Summer offseason. A disappointing showing in Spring 2022 resulted in the team failing to make it to the LCS finals, after they’d been plagued with controversy throughout the split due to the firing of former head coach LS.

These roster changes saw the return of legacy midlaner Nicolaj ‘Jensen’ Jensen, and the return of Ibrahim ‘Fudge’ Allami to the top lane after a brief stint off-role in mid. The team also brought up Jesper ‘Zven’ Svenningsen from the bench, to role swap from AD Carry to support.

The roster was locked and loaded for the summer – but a recent revelation by LS during a Twitch stream could show signs of trouble for the team, as AD Carry Berserker has reportedly lost his passport containing his US Visa.

What does this mean for Cloud9?

During the break between the Spring and Summer splits of the LCS, Cloud9 attended a month-long bootcamp in Seoul, Korea.

It was during this time that Berserker’s passport was supposedly lost – meaning that he would be unable to re-enter the US, as lost or stolen US Visas cannot be replaced in the United States.

Cloud9’s bootcamp ended on June 5th, but it’s not yet been confirmed by the organization whether Berserker was able to re-enter the country with the rest of the League team.

The Visa reapplication process is lengthy, and could mean C9 will have to make roster moves to cover for Berserker’s absence while he acquires a new passport. Luckily for C9, however, they have multiple AD Carries waiting in the wings on their academy roster who could potentially take up an LCS starting spot.

Not only do they have multiple academy AD Carries, they also have multiple academy supports – meaning, if push came to shove, role swapped support Zven could make a brief return to the AD Carry role for the first few weeks of play.

Dexerto has reached out to Cloud9 for comment.

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