LoL Udyr rework gets emergency buffs to improve abysmal win rate

Udyr buffs days after releaseRiot Games

Udyr’s release has been much anticipated by the community, and reception for his rework is generally positive. However, his win rate and overall power level are low enough for him to receive a serious set of buffs.

Prior to his rework, Udyr’s kit was one of League of Legends’ most outdated. Riot was presented with the challenge of maintaining his core identity while adding some much-needed complexity to his unique, four stance kit.

The concepts added to Udyr’s kit have been generally well received by the community so far, but his actual win rate hasn’t caught up. His win rate before this hotfix goes live in Platinum+ is below 43% according to, which is, funny enough, much lower than before the rework.

So, Udyr’s receiving a set of buffs.

It’s worth nothing that most new Champions these days start with a low win rate while people are learning them. Unless Riot release an incredibly broken champion, a low win rate is to be expected.

For instance, Zeri’s win rate on release hovered around 40%, and she’s gone on to dominate high level play. And, while it seems like Udyr’s win rate will likely increase as more people learn the best ways to use his new kit, it’s been decided that he needs a little extra help.

A swift set of buffs for Udyr

Udyr’s recieving some serious buffs

Keep in mind that all of Udyr’s abilities can take up to 6 levels, so the peak number for each changed ability reflects what 6 levels in an ability maxes it out to rather than 5.

The hotfix buffs are as follows:

  • Q Physical Damage: 3-9% max health > 3-10% max health
  • Q Physical Damage AD Ratio: 4% per 100 bonus AD > 6% per 100 bonus AD
  • Q Physical On-Hit Damage: 5-25 (+10% bonus AD) > 5-45 (+20% bonus AD)
  • E Bonus Movement Speed: 30-50% > 30-65%
  • E Stun Lockout: 6-4.5 seconds > 6-4 seconds

Udyr’s Q was rarely leveled past one point in the ability, and, due to the fact that most of Udyr’s kit scales with AP, there wasn’t much incentive for players to invest points in Q.

Additionally, Udyr’s E has received some significant buffs to movespeed and its ability to stun multiple targets.

And a swift set of nerfs to balance things out

However, the Udyr changes aren’t all buffs. The sustain from Udyr’s W is very strong late game, and his numbers have been scaled back to keep him from accelerating toward being the best jungler in the game.

The W nerfs are as follows:

  • W Shield Strength (max health scaling): 2-5% > 2-4%
  • W Heal On-Hit (max health scaling): 1.2-1.8% > 1.2-1.5%

While Udyr’s W base numbers haven’t been touched his percent maximum health scaling has been brought down across the board.

The Q and E buffs are substantial, and have been slightly balanced out by the slight W nerfs. Udyr is still very new, so only time will tell whether or not these buffs can get Udyr closer to that ideal 50% win rate point of balance.

For more on how to play Udyr, the Spirit Walker, you can find our guide here.