League of Legends takes back top spot on Twitch, but Elden Ring hype continues

League of Legends' Sett sitting on throne next to Twitch logoRiot Games / Twitch

League of Legends has reasserted itself as the most popular game on Twitch in March 2022, but not by much. Elden Ring hype is still going strong, while Valorant and Fortnite slowly catch up to the falling GTA V.

Elden Ring was taking names on Twitch at the end of February as the hit FromSoftware title dominated the airwaves. It was, for no short amount of time, the most popular game ⁠— breaking records left and right.

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That growth hasn’t slowed down really in March 2022, but the old heavyweights on the streaming platform are still knocking around at the helm.

After Lost Ark shot to the top with its 146 million hours watched in February, League of Legends and GTA V stood strong into March.

The former reclaimed its crown as the most popular game on Twitch with 138.5 millions hours watched ⁠— a 2.9% increase on the previous month — according to SullyGnome.

Yasuo is one of a host of champions getting minor tweaks in League Patch 10.12.Riot Games
League of Legends reclaimed its spot at the most popular game on Twitch in March 2022.

However, Elden Ring did overtake GTA V across the month, pipping the evergreen title 131.6 million hours to 127.9 million.

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The big news out of all of this, however, is the drastic falloff of Lost Ark. Touted as the MMO to potentially topple World of Warcraft, the Amazon Games title fell behind the Blizzard stalwart after suffering a 71.9% viewership drop to just 41 million viewers.

World of Warcraft, spurred on by the recent Shadowlands Race to World First over 18 days, climbed to 55.9 million hours watched for March. With the race now over, whether it can maintain its lead remains to be seen.

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Lost Ark Assassin class Deathblade Shadowhunter female slices air while looking at cameraSmilegate RPG
Lost Ark viewership fell by more than 70% in March.

Other notable climbs include Fortnite’s 18.9% boom to 72.8 million viewers ⁠— likely thanks to the introduction of no-build giving streamers a reason to return. Valorant also climbed 24% to 110 million viewers, led by former CS:GO pro Tarik ‘tarik’ Celik.

Just Chatting is still the most popular category on Twitch, with its near 260 million hours of watch time nearly doubling League of Legends’ numbers for the month.

You can find the full top 10 list of Twitch games for March 2022, based on watch time, below.

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Most watched Twitch games in March 2022

  1. League of Legends — 138,562,317
  2. Elden Ring — 131,599,152
  3. Grand Theft Auto V — 127,932,833
  4. Valorant — 110,480,891
  5. Fortnite — 72,816,507
  6. Apex Legends — 68,136,245
  7. CS:GO — 55,974,322
  8. World of Warcraft — 55,904,658
  9. Lost Ark — 40,981,246
  10. Call of Duty: Warzone — 38,630,398

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