League of Legends’ Teleport is bugged, giving it extra unleashed power

Andrew Amos
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Teleport is a staple Summoner Spell in League of Legends, and Riot has worked hard to curb its power somewhat in recent years. However, its power has been fully unleashed thanks to a bug which can cut its cooldown by minutes.

For some champions and lanes, Teleport is as necessary as Flash in League of Legends. The duo of summoner spells are taken so often in tandem, especially in the top and mid lanes, that playing without them feels odd.

Riot has tried to curb the former’s influence somewhat recently. Teleport’s cooldown has been increased numerous times, and a new Unleashed Teleport has made it so the summoner spell is less effective early ⁠— while maintaining its late-game power.

However a bug recently uncovered ⁠— that could have existed since Unleashed Teleport’s addition at the start of Season 12 ⁠— could have, well, truly unleashed its power.

As noted by chronic bug squasher ‘Vandiril’ on Twitter, players have been able to cut Unleashed Teleport’s cooldown by upwards of a minute with a combination of factors. 

First, Teleport has to be on cooldown when the transformation happens at 14 minutes into the game. Then, the player has to have built some Ability Haste. What should happen is the Unleashed Teleport cooldown remains the same after the 14 minute transformation, but instead the Ability Haste actually cuts the cooldown down.

It is only for the next cast, but given the difference could be upwards of a minute, that’s a lot of tempo that could be generated off the back of it, and pro players have been benefiting from it unexpectedly as a result.

Riot is yet to acknowledge the bug, but given its power, it shouldn’t be long until it’s fixed. It’s just another classic case of spaghetti code. However it might be worth keeping this tech in mind the next time you boot into Summoner’s Rift with Teleport as you could catch opponents off-guard.