LoL support legend aphromoo announces retirement from professional play

aphromoo playing for DignitasTina Jo/Riot Games

NA support legend aphromoo has announced his retirement from professional LoL in a heartfelt video.

The legendary support, Zaqueri ‘aphromoo’ Black has announced his retirement from the LCS in a heartfelt video. In an empty bedroom, which he apologizes for, he recaps his extensive career and experiences in the LCS. 

From his last days in FlyQuest, his legendary NA Split runs, and the feeling of being on the stage. Thanking the fans, former teammates, Riot and staff behind the tournament for creating who he is today.

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“I wish I could keep going but, yeah, I just think it’s time” he says with a nervous chuckle in the video. “I’m done. You know, I can go out proud of what I’ve done in League of Legends, and I had a good time.”

aphromoo has been competing in League of Legends since 2011 in small teams.  He first built up his name on various rosters on mTw, Monomaniac Ferus, and Team FeaR, even building up to one of the biggest streamers. He would eventually be signed to CLG in 2012, where he would become NA LCS royalty.

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From his legendary Leona plays, the creation of the Rush Hour duo with Doublelift, and winning multiple NA LCS split titles. 

He would eventually go to 100 Theives in 2018 where he would become the first support player to be awarded a MVP. The team would go on to compete in that year’s worlds.

He would spend the next few years in Dignitas and FlyQuest, but not finish on the podium nor attend Worlds.

CLG wins NA LCS Summer 2015Riot Games
CLG wins NA LCS Summer 2015

So what is next for the support legend? 

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aphromoo says he is going back to where it all started, streaming. He will be playing games he has been playing a lot such as Valorant and Apex Legends. He says he will sporadically play League of Legends, and still co-stream LCS, but with no real schedule.

He won’t be streaming everyday as he used to, rather going live on his Twitch whenever he feels it’s right to. 

He ends the farewell saying, “Thank you for this awesome journey that I’ve had in League of Legends, but, time to close the page.”

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