Skarner wins League of Legends Season 12 VGU poll: Rework results

Riot Games

Skarner, the Crystal Vanguard, is getting a rework: The Brackern won the League of Legends Season 12 VGU poll convincingly, getting a third of the votes. However, Riot have promised more than one champion on the list will be getting changes soon.

The VGU poll has led to reworks for Fiddlesticks, Volibear, Dr. Mundo, and more in recent years, giving players impact on who gets reworked.

With five out-of-date champions up for a rework in Season 12, it was always going to be a close vote in League’s latest VGU poll. However, Skarner blew the rest of the competition out of the water, winning the week-long vote in a landslide.

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The Crystal Vanguard will be getting a rework, due to launch in 2023. However, Riot has promised to not neglect the other four candidates ⁠— Tryndamere, Shyvana, Nocturne, and Kog’Maw ⁠— in the coming months.

Kog'Maw, Nocturne, Tryndamere, Shyvana, and Skarner in League of legends Season 12 VGU pollRiot Games
Skarner beat out four other outdated League of Legends champions for the Season 12 VGU.

Skarner wins LoL Season 12 VGU poll in landslide

Skarner won the League of Legends Season 12 VGU poll convincingly with 33.4% of the vote. The other four candidates didn’t break 20%, with Shyvana coming in second at 19.6% and Tryndamere third with 17.3%.

“We’re super excited that Skarner won the VGU vote, as we think he has tons of potential to be something truly special on the League roster,” lead champion producer Ryan ‘Reav3’ Mireles said.

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“We’ve tried smaller reworks of Skarner’s kit in the past, but it never really increased his playrate, so we’ll be looking to do a massive reboot of his kit, theme, and visuals.”

Riot has stated they want to keep his existing ultimate, but he will be rebuilt from the ground up otherwise ⁠— including removing the Crystal Spires which were the core of his first rework in Season 5.

The Crystal Vanguard’s rework will also focus on giving the Brackern more lore.

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Exact details on Skarner’s rework will be revealed across 2022 with no release date penned in yet — however don’t expect it until Season 13. Keep up to date with the latest news in our Skarner rework hub.

Battlecast Alpha Skarner in League of LegendsRiot Games
Skarner’s iconic ultimate will stay, but the rest of the Crystal Vanguard is up for change.

Despite losing, Riot says Shyvana “strong contender” for VGU soon

Shyvana has been the bridesmaid of not one, not two, but three VGU polls now. However, the Half-Dragon is still on Riot’s radar for a rework in the coming months.

“We know a lot of you are disappointed that our favorite half-dragon lady keeps getting so close to winning without ever taking the crown. Like many of you, we really want to see her updated because a badass half-dragon shifter has so much potential,” Reav3 explained.

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“As you know we don’t do votes for every VGU, like with Mundo. So while we can’t promise that Shyvana will be the next big VGU we do, she is a pretty strong contender for the next one we explore outside of a VGU vote.”

Ruined Shyvana in League of LegendsRiot Games
Shyvana might get a rework despite finishing runner-up in her third straight VGU poll.

With Riot already heads-down on the Udyr rework and Skarner added on top, it’s unlikely we’ll see major changes to Shyvana until late in 2023. However, we will keep you updated.

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