New League of Legends champion K’Sante details: Ability leaks, release date

League of Legends Pride of Nazumah teaser artRiot Games

League of Legends is getting a new tank top laner in Season 12 ⁠— K’Sante. Riot has shared the first details on the Pride of Nazumah, who is set to shake up the meta with a high-skill twist. Here’s what we know about Champion 162, including their abilities and release date.

Riot is broadening the horizons of League of Legends’ champion roster in Season 12. First, there was Zeri, an ability-centric (kind of) AD carry, followed by the controlling Renata Glasc, putting a spin on the enchanter support role.

With carries also getting a lot of attention with Bel’Veth and Nilah’s release, it’s only fair that tanks get some love. Riot are doing just that with K’Sante, the Pride of Nazumah ⁠— the hero behind the recently-revealed Shurima area.

Here’s what we know about League of Legends’ K’Sante, the Pride of Nazumah, including their leaked abilities and release date.

Nazumah in League of LegendsRiot Games
K’Sante will hail from a previously unexplored city in Shurima, Nazumah.

Who is K’Sante in League of Legends?

K’Sante is the Pride of Nazumah in League of Legends, hailing from an unexplored region of Shurima that players will soon be invited into. 

“Nazumah is an oasis citystate in the southern outskirts of the desert,” Ryan ‘Reav3’ Mireles told players in an August 2022 video. “Unlike the rest of Shurima, they don’t bow to Azir.

“Situated on one of the only water sources for miles, the people of Nazumah had to compete with giant monsters just trying to stay hydrated. It was a hard-fought struggle, but they eventually claimed the oasis as their own and built their society around it.

“Now, 500 years later, this new champion leads the warriors of Nazumah to hunt those same monsters, using the rare resources they gain to build their infrastructure and weapons.”

Those monsters give K’Sante his powers, using their “rare regenerating hide” to forge blunt weapons “that can be used defensively”, but also shatter to reveal sharp knives that can cut through any foe. He’s beloved by the citystate for good reason.

K’Sante abilities in League of Legends

K’Sante will be a top lane tank in League of Legends, but Riot hasn’t divulged their abilities just yet. Leaks aren’t even floating around in the wild yet ⁠— however that’s likely soon to follow.

There is a clear design philosophy Riot are going for though: “We looked at our tank roster and realized we didn’t have like an Aphelios, Azir, or Yasuo of top lane tanks. They are medium to low skill and complexity,” Ryan ‘Reav3’ Mireles said back in April 2022.

“The goal with this champ was to add a high skill/high complexity tank to the roster finally. Something that players that like that kind of stuff can really sink their teeth in and master over hundreds of games.”

There are concerns that a high-skill tank will be hard to balance around pro play. Riot is trying to alleviate those fears with some deliberate balancing decisions.

Developer Daniel ‘Maxw3ll’ Emmons, who is leading the way with the Pride of Nazumah, explained they’d be a bit needier than other top lane tanks ⁠— who can often be weaksided with little gold but be effective in fights.

“The current roster of tanks tend to have fairly easy to figure out patterns and approach fights in similar ways. Our goal with this character is to create a tank that appeals to players who like deep mastery curves and characters who really test your ability to approach fights in clever ways.”

We’ll update you once Riot confirms K’Sante’s abilities in League of Legends.

Nazumah beasts League of LegendsRiot Games
K’Sante uses “rare regenerating hide” from the beasts that prowl Nazumah to forge his weapons.

K’Sante release date in League of Legends

K’Sante’s release date hasn’t been confirmed yet, but League of Legends fans can expect the Pride of Nazumah to release later in Season 12 in 2022.

Until then, players have plenty to look forward to, including three reworks for Udyr, Skarner, and Aurelion Sol. We’ll keep you updated with the latest on K’Sante as it comes to light.